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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
his is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot.
on Landis
Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
ScrapBook Subjects
Link...Aldercliff Reunion 2006 Medal
Link...STM Advertises “Hobo Token Sale!” on OHNS Website
Link... Massive 24K Gold Medals ... A Beauty to Behold!
Link...Gallery Mint Archive “First Strike” Sets Offered For Sale
Link... Piedfort Con$ept Dollars ... ICG Slabs signed by Ron Landis
Link... .999 PURE SILVER ... R.W.Landis ~ Engraver • Minted Entirely by Hand •
Link...Gallery Mint Changes Ownership, Expands Services
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
Aldercliff Reunion 2006 Medal
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     Bill Fivaz had Ron Landis create these medals, which are identical to the original medals passed out at the annual banquets held years ago, for presentation to everyone who attended the 5th Camp Aldercliff Reunion from August 8-10, 2006 at Mountain Gap Inn in Smith's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. The attendance list has 64 names on it; 36 former campers and 28 spouses, children and grandchildren.
     I don't know the total number of medals Ron made for Bill but you can bet that it wasn't very many so this is a rare Landis creation from the get-go. I've been told there were one or two Aldercliff medals struck in gold also. ~ V-Dubya


STM Advertises “Hobo Token Sale!” on OHNS Website
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Largest Inventory of Ron Landis Tokens Ever Offered
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Striker Token and Medal, the new owners of Gallery Mint, Inc., have scoured the mint and gathered several hundred hobo tokens from 11 years of production into one collection. These tokens beautifully demonstrated the art and craftsmanship of Ron Landis, hobo nickel engraver. The remnants include 27 different Landis pieces of hobo art, including varieties and pieces struck off-metal. These hobo tokens will NOT be minted again!      Order Form...    

Striker is supporting OHNS financially in return for placing advertising in “BoTales” and on our website.
Be sure to tell them “Thank you!” ~ V-Dubya

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Click to view an enlargement of this photograph.Click to view an enlargement of this photograph.
Massive 24K Gold Medals
A Beauty to Behold!
For “The Rest of the Story” go read:
A Tribute to
Master Engraver Ronald W. Landis”

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U.S.Nickel for size comparison.
49.6-51.1mm • 6.01Toz (top)
49.4-50.4mm • 4.54Toz (bottom)

Gallery Mint Archive “First Strike” Sets Offered For Sale
Only five sets available
    Striker Token and Medal recently purchased Gallery Mint Industries (GMI). GMI was well-known in the numismatic world for striking high-quality reproductions of ancient and early American coins that were hand-engraved by Ron Landis, one of the most prolific and talented sculptors in the numismatic world.
    Among the items owned by GMI were ten Archive Sets: complete runs of the first ten pieces off the coining press for virtually every product and die variety produced commercially by Ron Landis and Gallery Mint during the 15-year history of the company. These truly are "First Strike" sets, representing the finest coins possible to be produced by Ron Landis and his late partner, Joe Rust.
    Each Archive Set includes over 200 different uncirculated Ron Landis coins, tokens and medals. Besides a complete run of every single ancient, colonial and early American reproduction coin ever offered, each Archive Set also includes all versions of the pattern Concept Dollar shown to Congress in 2000, as well as coin show tokens, peace medals, private commissions, hobo nickels, and other Landis pieces, including some struck in off-metal combinations. The gold runs include all quarter-eagle and half-eagle types and varieties as first strikes, with non-first strike eagle and double-eagles gold coins included to give the sets artistic completeness. While the sets do not have any private "Ship of Gold" $50 gold coins, they do include scores of unique Landis pieces that could never be duplicated or assembled from eBay or other sources irrespective of time or money.
    Of the ten "Gallery Mint Archive Sets" preserved by Ron and Joe, only five sets are actually available for sale. Ron kept one set, Striker is keeping one as its own ongoing archive set, two sets have been donated to museums, and one set was sold two years ago by private treaty to a Landis collector for $15,000, minus pieces struck since, but available in these sets.
    We are looking for five hard-core fans of Ron's work who would love to own a complete set of his creations, particularly since their collection would include many unique pieces and first strikes unobtainable from any other source. Imagine the value of such a collection of first strikes from the workshops of Augustus Saint-Gauden or James Fraser and you get some idea of the uniqueness of this opportunity for a collector to own an artist's complete output.
    If you are a serious lover of the engraving arts you will recognize this offer for what it is: a unique opportunity to own the complete output of one of the most talented sculptors of the 21st Century: Ron Landis.
    Please call our office at 888-688-3330 to request the price of this valuable collection.


Piedfort Con$ept Dollars
ICG Slabs signed by Ron Landis
   Piedfort means literally “heavy weight”... from the French pieds=weight and fort=strong or heavy.
   The pronunciation should be pea-ed-four, with the final “t” sounded only softly if at all.
   These are struck on planchets of about double the normal weight and thickness.

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Click to view an enlargement of this photograph.
Click to view an enlargement of this photograph.
Click to view an enlargement of this photograph.

   In August of 2006 an eBay Seller “davidc729” offered these two slabs. In his description he said he was offering four coins but his photos were of only these two signed slab Con$ept Dollars.
   He wanted a minimum of $1,500 and I don't believe he got a single nibble!
   I can't say that I was in the least surprised by his lack of results! ~ V-Dubya


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R.W.Landis ~ Engraver • Minted Entirely by Hand •
   Landis acolyte Edwin Johnston lives in Texas where Ron Landis created a wide variety of struck medals at the local Renaissance Fairs in the early 1990's. He just came up with a pair of Landis dies that I have never seen previously. Eddie tells me that this medal is about three quarters of an ounce of silver.
   I knew that many of Ron's early brass medals were also struck in silver whenever the customer was willing to pay the additional cost involved. Since most Renaissance Fair aficionados aren't numismatists Ron told me that few silver medals were created. This reverse die obviously was committed to striking ONLY silver. Now I have another Landis creation to search for... it is a great life is one doesn't weaken! ~ V-Dubya

  “STMGMM” ScrapBook  

Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
Gallery Mint Changes Ownership, Expands Services
   (Eureka Springs, AR)Gallery Mint, Inc., the private mint founded by master engraver Ron Landis and his late partner Joe Rust fifteen years ago, has been sold to a limited liability corporation that includes former GMI employees. The new company, Striker Token and Medal, LLC, will continue operating in the same plant in northwest Arkansas and will continue producing the company's signature high-quality reproduction coinage.
   In addition to offering reproduction coins, Striker will also now accept private commissions from individuals, businesses and coin clubs interested in low-volume runs of tokens and medals. There is a strong interest from coin collectors in having just a few medals or tokens made for their own use, said former GMI employee Timothy Grat, now mint master for Striker. We can access our library of over 2,000 dies to help each collector customize his or her own piece.
   Grat said he is “stoked” about the new Mini-mint demonstration that Striker will be offering to coin show organizers and event promoters around the country. We have totally redesigned the Mini-mint demonstration that was so popular at coin shows for the past years, said Grat. The new minting exhibits have been significantly upgraded and now go from a one-person demonstration of hand-hammered coinage, to a full production, four-person performance of all seven steps in the minting process. He said that there will also be static exhibits that tell the story of minting even when the machines are not being operated. The new exhibits and demonstration is scheduled to debut at the 50th Annual Money Show of the Southwest in Houston in late January, 2007.
   Rust and Landis formed Gallery Mint Museum in 1992. In 2005, the company split into two different organizations: Gallery Mint Museum Foundation (GMMF), a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of the art and technology of the minting process, and Gallery Mint Incorporated (GMI), a for-profit business. This sale completes the separation of the two entities. Now that GMI has been purchased by Striker, there should not be any more confusion over the Gallery Mint name, said Foster. The only Gallery Mint is the non-profit museum.
   The sale of GMI includes all of the minting equipment, dies and rights of reproduction to those dies. Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM The company mailing address will remain the same but there is a new telephone system and WATS number. Landis will continue his association with the company he founded as a consultant.
   Grat said that all orders placed with GMI will be honored by Striker and the company will also stand by the limited production of past GMI offerings. If it was a limited edition coin made by Gallery Mint, we will honor that limitation and not produce any more of those specific reproductions.
   For more information about purchasing reproduction coinage or placing an order for tokens or medals, contact Striker at 1-888-688-3330, email them at or write Striker Token and Medal, LLC, PO Box 706, Eureka Springs, AR 72632. The company's website, will allow on-line purchasing of the company product line and will be operational shortly.

All STM/GMM coinage reproductions are marked COPY as required by the Link: Hobby Protection Act of 1973.