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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot.
Ron Landis ...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06

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Paleocene Epoch - July 24 through October 6, 2000

  • Ouch!...that had to hurt!!
  • Elect J.T.Stanton For ANA In 1995
  • Genuine CHOICE 1796 C2 w/pole HalfCent
  • Parent Of Science & Indust:Liberty
  • 1795 HalfEagle Doubled Die Reverse
  • COIN WORLD Staff 1793 ChainCent ...or...
    Hard To Believe Both Photos Are Same Coin
  • ...nor are they from New Haven!

  • When Generosity is MORE Than Its Own Reward
  • Coin Reproductions Mailing List Started
  • Wider Is Better (apologies to Pontiac)
  • Good For $1 In Trade...Royal Mint
  • Cud Errors Are Production Errors
  • Three Piece 2000 ANA Medal Set
  • EARLY GMM ChainCent Comes To Light

  • 1788 New Jersey Maris51g Cent
  • Why Do I Collect GMM Creations?
  • ANA First Steam Press Medals
  • View Of The Segovia Mint Coining Station
  • Ron Landis "Carved Coin" Renaissance Jewelry
  • Special American Numismatic Society Medal
  • The Third Side Of A Coin/Medal

  • Time On Their Hands At Ye Ole Mint
  • Where's The Silver?
    I HAD To Ask...Aye?
  • The Proof That Didn't Get Away
  • One, Two, Three Strikes And You're OUT!
  • Making Coins the Hard Way
  • Three 1796 Dime Errors For Posterity
  • Gallery Mint Museum Link:Articles

  • High Relief 5oz Silver Medal
  • Link:GMM Creations Timeline In The Works
  • 1997 F.U.N. Sale Of Landis Carved Nickels
  • Gallery Mint Starts EMail Updates List
  • Special Orders Don't Upset Us! ...or...
  • ANA Convention, Exhibitor And Seminar Medals
  • 1796 Half Dime Reverse Die Trial Piece

  • 1795 Half Eagle GMM's First Gold Piece
  • Time Sure Is Fun When You Are Having Flies!
  • The Second Attempt Actually Yielded A Working Die
  • 1793 Cents...Large versus Small Head
  • 1796 Dime Struck Over Half Dime
  • Chris Victor-McCawley Storecards In Copper
  • Nothing But The Facts Maam!

  • Worth MORE Than A Plugged Nickel!
  • A Tale Of Three Pocket Pieces
  • 200 Year Commemorative Strike
  • A Few Good Buffalo Chips
  • A Scanner Is NOT A Camera!
  • 1796 DrapedBustCent Struck On Dime Planchet
  • 1787 FUGIO Cent Obverse Die Trial Piece

  • Wonderful Pre-GMM Landis Specimens
  • Concept Dollars Proving To Be Popular On eBay
  • Don't Worry...The Janitor Will Get it
  • 1787 New Jersey Maris62.5 Copper Found In Circulation!
  • Pewter Enough To Go Around
  • US Coins NOT Safe Near Mobile Mini-Mint!
  • 1998 ANA Convention's Pewter Medalet Daze

  • The Golden Dollar Coin Design Finalists
  • 1796 25c Proof...Just for your enjoyment!
  • 2000 Concept Dollar eBay Sale Brings Good Results
  • 1796 "No Pole" HalfCent Complete With Die Crack
  • 1793 Liberty Cap 1c Jewelry Pendant
  • 1796 Draped Bust 1c Double Struck Proof
  • 1796 14 Star $1 GMM strikes

  • Gallery Mint Museum BEP Logo/Seal
  • Ron Landis Business Card
  • Gallery Mint Museum Dollar Prototypes
  • 1996 Holiday PEACE Medal
  • 1796 16 Star 25c GMM strikes
  • The "NC-7" HalfCent Copies
  • 1793 "Strawberry Leaf" WreathCents
All GMM coinage reproductions are marked COPY as required by the Link:Hobby Protection Act of 1973.
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