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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot. 
Ron Landis ...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06
ScrapBook Subjects
Link: The Complete Guide To Lincoln Cents
Link: Future home of... GALLERY MINT MUSEUM
Link: Once Upon A Dime
Link: [ Ceca Segovia Hoy ]
Link: [ The Hall In Tirol Mint In Austria ]
Link: First United States Mint Issues
Link: [ Verne and Caroline ]
Link: Straight from the GMM Presses
Link: [ Weight Conversion Calculator ]
Link: You Are Gonna Like This One!
Link: [ Four Nice 2003 Bill Zach Nickel Carvings ]
Link: Better Late Than Never
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
David Lange photographs.

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  • The Complete Guide To Lincoln Cents

  •    Ron Landis did indeed create prototypes for a Lincoln Cent token to advertise the publication of my book, The Complete Guide To Lincoln Cents, in 1996. His dies were a copy of the 1909-S V.D.B cent in actual size, but the legend ONE CENT was replaced by the title of my book, and V.D.B became my intials, D.W.L. My intent was to produce 500-1000 tokens for free distribution.
       His first obverse die was rather crude, as he had copied it from a cent of later vintage, so I asked him to try again. At his request, I supplied him with a genuine 1909 V.D.B. cent to use as a guide, and the result was a fairly accurate reproduction. These prototypes were made using genuine cents as planchets.
       Unfortunately, Ron showed the finished prototypes to some officers of the ANA during the annual Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, and they convinced him that producing these replicas would harm the hobby. Of course this is ludicrous, since the legends were different, and the mass produced version would have included the same COPY stamp that his other products did. Even so, Ron declined to continue with the project, and he gave me the prototypes free of charge. I still have them in my collection of Gallery Mint items. David Lange... October 13, 2003 10:38 AM
    David Lange photographs.     Click for Enlargement on CD-ROM
       Protype Number 1 features Ron's first attempt at a 1909-S obverse, paired with his custom die for my token. It is struck over a 1980-D cent.
       Protype Number 2 combines Ron's slightly improved obverse and the same reverse. It is struck over a Memorial cent of unknown date and mint.
       Protype Number 3 features his greatly improved obverse and is a nearly exact replica of a 1909-S VDB cent on both sides. It seems to have been struck on an unused cent planchet or one of Ron's own manufacture. This is the piece he showed around at the seminar and which brought the whole project to a halt. David Lange... Tuesday, October 21, 2003 2:59PM
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    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Copper - Die Trial - 19.0mm - 2.5g - Plain Edge
       Shown here is the discovery piece that triggered my research effort on the Lange Prototypes. This is a die trial of David's "Complete Guide" reverse die, paired with the reverse die TheGuys used on their DoeDough cents, that was struck over a 1986-D Lincoln Memorial Cent. There is a lot of the undertype host coin showing through the overstrike. The dies were aligned considerably "off", as shown, but almost made it to being medal/book alignment. A fantastic find that lead me down a most interesting and personally rewarding numismatic byway. This sort of experience is what makes collecting in any form such a kick in the pants... What an experience! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

    A Mike Ellis photograph.       Click for Sign enlargement on CD-ROM
  • Future home of... GALLERY MINT MUSEUM

  •    While Mike Ellis was in Eureka Springs over Labor Day he got the Grand Tour of the property TheGuys expect to build their new facility on. This property is just south of Eureka Springs on the east side of Highway 23 South. Mike brought back a whole batch of photographs including a couple of deer on the property. I think either Mike or the deer moved as things are a bit fuzzy so I didn't try and show those pictures to you here. Below are the planned locations of several improvements TheGuys are headed off towards. I showed you my own pictures taken on my own tour in March of 2003 and you can revisit those pictures in SBsubject Link:Early Spring In The Ozarks. You really ought to go visit Eureka Springs and take your own tour so you can envision and share in TheGuy's dream for yourself. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

    Mike Ellis photographs.       Click for Camping, Parking, or Amphitheater enlargement on CD-ROM

    A Mike Ellis photograph.
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  • Once Upon A Dime

  • Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
       TheGuys have leased Link:The Newark Museum, in New Jersey, the above screw press which the museum is using in their exhibit Link:Once Upon A Dime: The World of Money that is scheduled to be on display October, 2003-June, 2005. Shown below on the right is a clip of the screw press location notation from their Link:Exhibit Map. Ron Landis created a pair of dies for the Newark Museum's use in their exhibit.
       Joe hauled this screw press to Newark and set it up for the museum. So... if you are in the area you can go see it for yourself. I understand they are using Ron's dies to strike pewter tokens so if anybody goes to see the exhibit you should take advantage of the opportunity to acquire another superb Landis creation!
       Shown below are two trial strikes of Ron's dies using GMM Hobo Token silver planchets with plain edges. Obviously there wasn't quite enough silver in the Hobo Token planchets to fill up Ron's new Newark dies so both trials are a bit weak and not as large as they should be. TheGuys struck a limited number of silver tokens with really nice reeded edges for the Museum's use. I just verified this with Ron and he tells me that GMM struck 100 silver tokens and provided the museum with reeded edge blank pewter planchets... type 2 planchets for those of you that understand the terminology keep your eyes open for these scarce specimens in both Silver and Pewter. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Click for 1st Trial or 2nd Trial enlargement on CD-ROM
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Silver - Die Trials - 21.5mm(1st) 22.0mm(2nd) - 5.0g(1st) 5.1g(2nd) - Plain Edges
    Glenn Murray... of Segovia, Spain ...photographs.
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Click for expanded view of Left or Right photograph on CD-ROM
    Ceca Segovia Hoy
       These photographs are fresh from Segovia, Spain and show a roof replacement project in progress. The building that the red roofing is being installed on has a temporary roof to keep the rain off the crumbling walls until the architect finishes the restoration plans, around spring 2004. In case you don't "get" this SBsubject's title, it says; "Mint Segovia Today." EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Glenn Murray... of Segovia, Spain ...photographs.
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Click for expanded view of Left or Right photograph on CD-ROM
    The Hall In Tirol Mint In Austria
       These photos are of the roller mills in the Hall in Tirol Mint, in Austria (near Innsbruck.) These will be the guys helping us rebuild the Segovia roller mills. Also... here are photos of the aluminum strip they roll, and sell for 8 euros to their visitors. The mills were inaugurated July 4, 2003, so they don't have anything on their website about them yet. Their website is Glenn Murray... Monday, October 20, 2003 12:26PM
    Glenn Murray... of Segovia, Spain ...photographs.
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Click for Expanded View on CD-ROM
       The design on the aluminum strip is a Taler. It matches Bachtell #129a Ferdinand (The First) as Archduke (1564-95). It's a taler of 60 Kreuzer dated 1567... I can't tell from the image, but it should be in the halo above the eagles head. The reverse design is the eagle of Hall. Dale Hallmark... Monday, October 20, 2003 5:08PM
       To me the reverse/eagle die on this aluminum strip is ever so slightly, albeit quite noticably, larger than the obverse die. I checked the scale the scans were shot at... there was a ruler in both original scans ...and they were identical. You can definitely tell there is more space between obverse impressions than reverse impressions on the strip. I played a bit with my graphics editor and created Link:this scan that you can look at if you are viewing this SBsubject from one of our ScrapBook CD-ROM's.
       Glenn tells me that the fine folks in Austria will help their Spanish friends construct a Rotary Press under their eventual new roof. I sure am pleased to see progress finally being made in the Segovia Mint restoration project. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Ron Landis photographs (except for the Wright Quarter on the right.)
  • First United States Mint Issues

  •    TheGuys are working on completing a five piece reproduction set of the "First United States Mint Issues." Shown above are the four recreations they have completed thus far plus a "place holder" Wright Quarter image on the right. I built this graphic mostly to show you the relative sizes of the 1792 coinage. I know I do not have the precise measurements but I am certain I am reasonably close at: 32mm Birch Cent, 23mm SilverCenter Cent, 17mm Half Disme, 23mm Disme and 29mm Wright Quarter.
       Shown below are Ron's cool silver Half Disme and Disme recreations. I have shown you these two Landis recreations in a previous SBsubject but here they are again... shown at as close to the proper scale as I could manage that you can read what TheGuys had to say about them on their website.
    1792 Half Disme... Price: $20; Weight: 1.35 grams; Composition: silver; Edge: diagonally reeded.
    Legend has it that Martha Washington donated the family silver to produce a total of fifteen hundred half dismes. The finished coins were delivered to Thomas Jefferson who in turn distributed them for eventual circulation. The 1792 Half Disme was produced in significant quantities under the supervision of the newly established U.S. Mint and actually circulated in day to day trade. This is the reason so many numismatists regard this coin to be the first real U.S. coin. The Gallery Mint reproduction is made to the same standards as the original coin, approximately 1.35 grams silver, with a diagonally reeded edge, and struck with a "medal turn" (top of design is at the same point on both sides.) Link:GMM Half Disme
    All reproductions are made using the same specifications, metallic content, weight and diameters as original coins.
    1792 Disme... Price: $24; Weight: 2.7 grams; Composition: silver; Edge: diagonally reeded.
    The original 1792 Disme pattern coins and copper die trials of the proposed disme are very rare with only 16 copper die trials known, and 2 surviving silver examples. It is unusually large for a silver ten cent coin, and we at Gallery Mint have found it necessary to use our largest press to be able to strike a full impression into the very thin planchets. When the U.S. Mint began producing dimes in earnest, they used a much smaller, but thicker planchet, making it more feasible to strike. The finest known example of the 1792 Disme, a copper example graded Proof 63, is currently offered for sale and was on display at the recent convention of the Florida United Numismatists in Orlando, Florida. After comparing the reproduction next to the real coin, we are confident our collectors will find our efforts to be of the quality expected from a Gallery Mint reproduction. The Gallery Mint reproduction contains 2.7 grams silver, has a diagonally reeded edge, and struck with a "medal turn". Link:GMM Disme
    All reproductions are made using the same specifications, metallic content, weight and diameters as original coins.
       There is no description on the GMM website yet for their 1792 Joseph Wright Quarter. Link:GMM Wright Quarter EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Ron Landis photographs.           Click for Half Disme or Disme enlargement on CD-ROM
    A Clifford Kraft photograph.
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Click for Expanded View on CD-ROM
    Verne and Caroline

       Here is a photo of the world's greatest inn-keepers. "I like it," and want to thank you and Caroline for a your great hospitality, a stop I will not forget. --Although-- I wonder what the guy coming down the road in the dark thought when he saw those two fat guys with their arms around each other, standing in the middle of the road. Cliff Kraft... Saturday, October 18, 2003 6:10PM

       This last month Caroline and I have been blessed with the company of two wonderful and talented nickel carvers; Cliff Kraft and Lee Griffiths. It really makes our day/week/month when we have a house guest who shares a common interest with the ol' FatMan... a definite bright spot in our lives.

       Cliff brought us some larupin pork ribs which were absolutely fantastic. We don't make any money but we sure have a lot of fun! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Clifford Bolling photographs.           Click for Birch Cent or Silver Center Cent Strip enlargement on CD-ROM
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
  • Straight from the GMM Presses

  • Click for counterstamp
    enlargement on CD-ROM
       Just got some neat stuff from TheGuys. A Birch Cent, which is probably one of their finest replicas... looks like the real McCoy ...and a special order coin strip struck with two of the 1792 Silver Center Cents and punched with an RL punch. Timothy said it was fun and a challenge to do the Silver Center Cent strip because he had to punch the holes for the silver center in the strip before striking. Both strikes were done with medal die rotation. Kind of cool that one side shows the COPY stamp and the other doesn't. I didn't expect Timothy to make two individual strikes on this strip. Makes for a really neat piece! Clifford D. Bolling... Saturday, October 18, 2003 5:05PM
       I have been basically holding back on showing all y'all Ron's 1792 coinage reproductions hoping for the fifth piece... the Wright Quarter come out of the mint. When Cliff sent me these super scans I just couldn't wait any longer to share them with you. There are other specimens from the 1792 reproduction set in my midden heap that I will show you when I can find time to scan them.
       Here is what TheGuys have to say on their website about their Birch Cent:
    1792 Birch Cent... Price: $20; Weight: 13 grams; Composition: copper; Edge: lettered.
    The fourth in the set of five reproduction pattern coins of 1792. The "Birch Cent" pattern coin is named after it's creator, Robert Birch. Weighing in at 13 grams and measuring 31.8mm, it was the largest U.S. cent coin ever struck. Another variety of the original coin exists that includes President Washington's initials on the reverse side. Those dies were rejected, and the concept of the large cent over the smaller Silver Center Cent was adopted for U.S. coinage, but struck on smaller, lighter planchets than the Birch Cent. Like the original coins, the GMM reproduction features a lettered edge that reads: TO BE ESTEEMED * BE USEFUL * Link:GMM Birch Cent
    All reproductions are made using the same specifications, metallic content, weight and diameters as original coins.
       There is no description on the GMM website yet for their 1792 Silver Center Cent. Link:GMM SilverCenter Cent EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Click for Enlargement on CD-ROM
    Click for functioning Weight Conversion Calculator
    Click on screen image for functioning Weight Conversion Calculator.
    Weight Conversion Calculator
       I am always interested in how things are implemented on webpages when I see something like this Weight Conversion Calculator. So I wandered afield today and investigated this cool tool. I thought it had a flaw in it... it calculated "Troy Ounce (oz t)" and "Ounce (oz ap)" identically when I thought that they weren't the same. A bit of study and I found that I was confusing apothecaries and avoirdupois. If you happen to see anything in this calculator that is actually wrong... aside from the duplication of certain fields that was apparently intentional in the original code design ...then give me a holler. Enjoy! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
  • You Are Gonna Like This One!

  •    eBay item 3051326511 (Ends Oct-11-03 17:03:26PDT) - Gallery Mint Museum ANA token w/LETTERED EDGE. If you are a collector of Gallery Mint Museum pieces, then you are gonna like this one! Struck by Ron Landis and Joe Rust at the 1998 ANA Summer Seminar. Obverse includes "In God We Trust", the date, "Liberty", and a nice flowing hair bust! The reverse features a nicely-detailed eagle on a branch, the date (1998), and "ANA Summer Seminar". This coin has a LETTERED-EDGE! "Gallery Mint" with a logo is inscribed around the entire edge! This piece is the same size as a nickel and is in MINT CONDITION, bursting with luster! ptcoins... Oct-04-03 17:03:26 PDT
       My corresponding friend Mike Wallace EMailed me to ask if I had seen this token previously... to which I replied: Yes... this is a nice Landis/Janssen collaboration. He did the obverse die and she did the reverse die. This is a very scarce little token. It is SmallDollar related but I expect you realize that since it caught your eye. I can't remember every place in the ScrapBook I've shown this token but one is at the bottom of Page11.
       Then Mike asked if these pieces were silver, if they were all struck with a lettered edge and if it was really the size of a U.S. nickel... to which I replied: GMM tokens are generally pewter... the one on eBay certainly is. Rarely are they ever struck in any other metal since 99% are struck on their portable minipress and it isn't forceful enough to strike anything but pewter and get a decent impression. Yes... they almost always have the edge lettering. I don't recall ever seeing a plain edged specimen although one could be struck simply by not running the planchet through the edge mill. They are 20mm which is slightly less than the size of a nickel but being pewter the size varies a bit depending on how much force was used to strike them since pewter is so soft.
       I found it noteworthy that this scarce little token brought $26.95 ($23.95+$3sh) when it sold on eBay earlier this month. While that isn't an unreasonable price, it is... as Ron Landis says ...quite a bit for a freebie token handed out to the public at a convention. I can't argue with him but he isn't a collector so he doesn't put the same value on things that his fans do. This token has LOTS of things going for it; it is a collaboration of two artists, it is small dollar related (using the same bust as Ron's 1998 Con$ept patterns,) it was definitely struck in limited numbers and then was scattered to the winds at a convention. All these things make it scarce and desirable. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Click for #199, #202, #206 or #207 enlargement on CD-ROM
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Four Nice 2003 Bill Zach Nickel Carvings
       Clearly Bill's shoulder surgery this year hasn't impacted his work like Bo Hughes' hand injury did decades ago. Bill didn't have to "back up" and relearn his carving technique. Fantastic carvings Bill! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Click for Obverse or Reverse enlargement on CD-ROM
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    2003 Landis Carving #205
  • Better Late Than Never

  •    Here it is quite LATE in the year of our Lord 2003 and Ron Landis has just completed his first carving of the year, shown above. While it is not a "traditional" nickel carving it is still an artistic masterpiece and I know you will enjoy seeing it here in our ScrapBook.
       If I have all my ducks lines up in a row (have all my facts straight)... Bill Fivaz will eventually end up with five of these wonderful two ounce silver round based "nickel" carvings... one each from; Steve Adams, Sam Alfano, Bill Jameson, Ron Landis and Joe Paonessa. This project started before Lee Griffiths "arrived on the scene" and before Clifford Kraft made such significant strides forward in his carving skill and technique. It is my personal opinion that these seven men are The Magnificent Seven of today's nickel carvers.
       Bill tells me that he plans on creating an article on these fantastic two ounce round carvings, presumably for The Original Nickel Society's quarterly publication BoTales, once the set is complete.
    Click for Giant Nickel Obverse, Reverse, Steve's carving Obverse or Reverse enlargement on CD-ROM
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM   Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
       Shown here are the original two ounce silver round that the carvers started with and the carving Steve Adams created which I showed all y'all quite some time ago. These are great times for a nickel carving collector to be alive and building a collection! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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    Bill (Jameson) Zach
    Bill's Photo Album available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Bill's Photo Album available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
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