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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot. 
Ron Landis ...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06
ScrapBook Subjects
Link: ANA Honors Ron Landis With Medallic Sculpture Award
Link: A 1796 HalfCent Quartet
Link: The King's Coin Hammer Copper Medals
Link: Still Watching For The Horseman
Link: [ Quite Simply Over The Top! ]
Link: [ Tom Always Was Larger Than Life ]
Link: Back To Simpler More Secure Times
Link: [ From the Bill Fivaz Collection ]
Link: After Getting The Microscope
Link: [ Royals ...or... Presentation Pieces ]
Link: Stanton Token Hot Struck In Silver
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ANA Honors Ron Landis With Medallic Sculpture Award
For Immediate Release: August 2, 2003
Contact: Stephen Bobbitt
Telephone: 719/632-2646 x113

   The American Numismatic Association (ANA) confers its 2003 Numismatic Art Award for Excellence in Medallic Sculpture in recognition of contributions to numismatic art.

   This year's recipient is Ron Landis of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. With partner Joe Rust, he founded the Gallery Mint Museum in 1992 with the intention of building a working museum that demonstrates the evolution of coin-making technology, from Ancient Greece through the Industrial Revolution. As the Museum's chief engraver and vice president, Landis currently specializes in the reproduction of rare, early U.S. coin types using traditional methods. He also is well-known in the field for creating hand-engraved coins known as "hobo nickels."

   Landis is a member of the American Medallic Sculpture Association, Token and Medal Society, Early American Coppers, Original Hobo Nickel Society and Arkansas Numismatic Society. He also has served as an instructor in the ANA Summer Seminar's "Art of Engraving" class.

   Says Thomas D. Rogers Sr., former U.S. Mint engraver and 2000 winner of this prestigious award, "Through his re-creations of American coinage and production processes, Ron Landis has created a portal to the past. He has brought to the public a hands-on explanation of how our early coinage was made. With his humorous, 'it's-in-there-somewhere' style, he has revitalized interest in hobo-nickel carving," Rogers adds. "Ron is a hard-working, honest and sincere artist and engraver, as well as a teacher."

   Landis' artistic work and dedication to his craft have made him well-deserving of this award. Therefore, in appreciation of his commitment to excellence in medallic sculpture, the American Numismatic Association presents an engraved medal, designed by the late Gilroy Roberts, to Ron Landis and expresses the sincere appreciation of its members.
Illustrations are some of Ron's favorite creations (not part of ANA's release.)
Clifford Bolling photographs.
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  • A 1796 HalfCent Quartet

  •    I don't have a great deal to tell you about these four great recreations other than they make a really great display set. It speaks volumes about Ron Landis' prolific talent and production when such a wonderful set of recreations brings no specific comments to mind. If I had been responsible for creating any one of these pieces it would have been definitely remarkable... a high point in my simple life ...but when Ron does it I find it pretty standard/unremarkable. I reckon it is just that these pieces pale in comparison to some of Ron's more superlative creations. Sorry about that Ron... no disrespect intended! Perhaps you have just set the bar so high that even you have to struggle to get over it sometimes.
       The rarest piece in this quartet is Ron's first attempt at a NoPole HalfCent that TheGuys handed out at the ANA convention in Portland in 1998. I want to thank Cliff for taking the time to make scans from his collection to share with us. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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    The King's Coin Hammer 1991 38.5mm 1.5oz Medal
    "Saint George Slaying The Dragon"
  • The King's Coin Hammer Copper Medals

  •    If you think finding the pewter tokens that are scattered to the winds at coin conventions is difficult then you haven't looked for numismatic specimens that were passed out to non-numismatic folks like those who attend Renaissance Festivals. Ron tells me he and Joe regularly struck copper medals on the King's Coin Hammer but those specimens are almost impossible to find today. He told me that the occasional "numismatic type" person who came to view medals being struck normally purchased silver medals. So... you are more likely to find these exceptionally rare medals in silver than in copper. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Click for Obverse on Reverse enlargement on CD-ROM
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    The King's Coin Hammer 1992 38.5mm 1.5oz Medal
    "The Santa Maria"
    The King's Coin Hammer SBsubjects
    Link:Pay Attention To The Edges Of Ron's Medals
    Link:"In God We Trust" On Santa Maria's Bow
    Link:The Two Decades Before Gallery Mint Museum
    Link:Found Among eBay's Coins:Exonumia:Medals
    Link:Is The King's Coin Hammer Still Operational?
    Link:The King's Coin Hammer Copper Medals

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    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM

    GENUINE 1850 Baldwin & Co. $10 Gold
  • Still Watching For The Horseman

  • Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM    Ron spent a great deal of effort in 2002 recreating the Horseman type 1850 Baldwin $10 California gold issue shown above. Here we are past the halfway mark in 2003 and Ron's recreation... shown here on the right ...still hasn't appeared in hyperspace anyplace that I can discover. The firm that ran a Coin World advertisement on Ron's recreation in 2002 doesn't even mention it on their website. I have yet to learn anything germane to this issue; mintage, price, etcetera.
       We have visited this subject twice already, in Link:Keep Your Eyes Open! and in Link:Our First Glimpse Of The Horseman. If anyone can give us any specifics on this wonderful recreation... PLEASE let me know!
       Credits: I captured the wonderful scan above from PCGS's fine article Link:The Intriguing Story of a Great Historical Coin -by Bruce Amspacher. Then when I went to I found the same coin shown in much larger format on their webpage Link:Baldwin & Company Gold Coins. gives credit for the these images to Superior Stamp & Coin and they no longer have a website that I can find. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

    WWW-Link:Monaco Financial
      WWW-Link:Ship Of Gold - Historical Relics, An Epic Story and Own a Treasure  
    WWW-Link:Ship of Gold - Journey Through History
    SB-Link:Keep Your Eyes Open!
    SB-Link:Our First Glimpse Of The Horseman
    SB-Link:Still Watching For The Horseman
    SB-Link:Presented by Monaco Financial, LLC
    SB-Link:A horse is a horse, of course, of course
    SB-Link:Brother... Can You Spare A Fifty?
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Quite Simply Over The Top!
       I have talked this carving over with Dave and he pointed out that our clown is left-handed. We have decided that this is an "old left-handed four string" banjo which I did find on the internet. Cliff Kraft... Tuesday, August 05, 2003 4:59PM
       Every time I think Cliff has mastered his art he surpasses himself and transcends to a new level. This carving is quite simply over the top! We are all fortunate to have Cliff sharing our life experience. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Click to visit the Turtle Hill Banjo Website Dave's Banjo Nickel Carvings
    Link:Treasures From The Past
    Link:The Answer, Simply, Is Tradition
    Link:Turtle Hill Banjo Co.
    Link:A Steve Adams Creation
    Link:Banjos Galore
    Link:Send In The Reinforcements!
    Link:Quite Simply Over The Top!
    Click to visit the Turtle Hill Banjo Website

    Tom Always Was Larger Than Life
       eBay item 3039704374 (Aug-10-03 17:56:22PDT) - HOBO NICKEL LEE's BO's "TOM". Say hello to "TOM" (L-115). This gentleman was not "Tom" when he was started, but more and more, he became "Tom." To me he should be in Dallas coaching football, and I hope there are a few people in Dallas who think so also. The "Football Tom" always had a nice hat "size 7 1/2" and a nice sport coat. Our "Tom" is no different, and after "Football Tom" got the "green weenie" in Dallas, only our "Tom" and his super 1938 host are available, and can be contacted right here. Clifford L. Kraft... Aug-05-03 17:56:22 PDT
       I really shouldn't be showing all y'all Cliffy's Tom here because I'd like to offer him a retirement contract to come here to the Kansa Territories and whip my recruits from Squaw Lake, and other points North, into shape. I have a number of real Bears that need his firm hand. "LOREN" tells me quite emphatically... now that his hair has all grown back, it came back in very nicely thank you ...that he will happily maul anyone that does anything to foul up his opportunity to show that he has the "right stuff" under Tom's tutelage. He has dreamed of this all his life so I'd take him seriously folks!
       Reckon I'll just have to take my chances in the tidal pool with all the rest of the eBay sharks. Tom's hat and coat make this carving superlative... not to detract from the rest of Tom's good features which are too numerous to go into here. Tom gets really embarassed... and a bit cranky ...if folks sing his praises too loudly, or off key! Great work Cliff! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

    A Mike Ellis photograph.
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    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    A Landis Teddy Bear Token

  • Back To Simpler More Secure Times

  •    I should probably backtrack and add this 2003 ANA Summer Seminar "Teddy Bear" token to Link:ScrapBook Page62 with all the other MiniMint tokens struck this year. I figure that if I start doing such backtracks... I'd always be adding new material to old ScrapBook pages where most folks would miss them since they had already visited the older material and are unlikely to go back over it.
       Mike Ellis tells me that this "Teddy Bear" token is a Ron Landis creation and that it was very popular at the Summer Seminar. Obviously this reflects Ron in a playful mood and that is a good thing. We all need those moments to lighten our load while traveling through this life. Teddy bears take us back to simpler more secure times in our lives when we didn't have any idea that people were dying to defend our security. God Bless the parents and families of our young men and women who give their lives around the world so we can love our own families as they grow. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    From the Bill Fivaz Collection
       Among these August 1st 2003 Bowers and Merena Session Four ANA Auction specimens are some of the very finest nickel carvings by George Washington "Bo" Hughes! All ten individual coin lots are accompanied by certificates from The Original Hobo Nickel Society and were examined by Steve Alpert on November 21, 2002 and Gail Baker on November 27, 2002.
       eBay item 2183430479 (Aug-01-03 11:21:57PDT) - 1937 Miscellaneous Tokens and Medal No Grade. B&M#3476 1937 Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. AU. Self-portrait of Bo. Rated Superior (low) by Steve and Above Average (high) by Gail. Artist: Bo. Steve: "This self-portrait of Bo is a partial cameo, as the bust is still attached to the edge of the coin. Here he is bald on top, so Bo represents his appearance at about age 60. Beautifully carved hair, pushed metal ear, altered nose, simple collar. The recessed field (with Liberty removed) is nice, but is not flat." Gail: "Beautifully carved nickel. Nice details. Some spots on coin. The carving, while beautifully done, is simple in detail. Self portrait of Bo by Bo on a high-quality nickel." $950+15% Buyer'sFee=>$1,093
       eBay item 2183430594 (Aug-01-03 11:22:29PDT) - Philadelphia Mint Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. AU. B&M#3477 Circus clown Emmett Kelly. Rated Superior by Steve and Superior by Gail. Artist... Bo. Steve: "This is a great cameo by Bo of Emmett Kelly, signed and dated on the neck truncation 'E KELLY GH 50.' Nice flat-topped hat, finely-carved hair, beautiful 'raised stubble' beard and mustache around clown make-up lips, and excellent raised metal ear with internal details. Recessed field is a bit uneven above the hat." Gail: "Beautiful detail with a variety of carving techniques and interesting, not-so-common features. A classic cameo carving by the most well known of the original hobo carvers." $2,400+15% Buyer'sFee=>$2,760
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
       eBay item 2183430597 (Aug-01-03 11:22:57PDT) - Philadelphia Mint Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. EF. B&M#3478 Bo's brother wearing Army helmet. Rated Superior (low) by Steve and Above Average by Gail. Artist... Bo. Steve: "This is a portrait of Bo's brother who was in WWI, wearing an army helmet. The date '1919' is carved on the shoulder. Nice helmet and chinstrap, carved hair and ear, raised stubble beard and mustache, altered nose, simple collar. Nicely dressed field with Liberty removed." Gail: "Popular style carving with several different carving techniques used. Nice details. Interesting use of techniques to create a favorite subject - WWI soldiers." $1,200+15% Buyer'sFee=>$1,380
       eBay item 2183430470 (Aug-01-03 11:23:14PDT) - 1936 Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. EF. B&M#3479 Totally carved hobo nickel tribute to Babe Ruth. Rated Superior by Steve and Superior by Gail. Artist... Bo. Steve: "A very well done portrait of the Bambino. Beautiful baseball cap, carved hair, raised-metal ear. Altered profile and mouth. Engraved on neck is 'BABE '95-'48'; bust below this inscription is unaltered except for the vertical front of the neck." Gail: "The subject matter and detail on the cap along with inscription make this above average carving 'superior.' Unsigned example. The 'curved chisel' hair style is different from Bo's usual style. The cap is superb! This is a familiar subject, however the inscription makes this carving very special." $1,600+15% Buyer'sFee=>$1,840
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
       eBay item 2183430481 (Aug-01-03 11:23:27PDT) - 1937-S Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. EF. B&M#3480 Hatless man, wearing glasses. Rated Above Average (high) by Steve and Superior by Gail. Artist... Bo. Steve: "A nice portrait by Bo of a hatless man with a full head of hair. Man is wearing glasses; profile is extensively altered. Nice ear, nicely dressed neck, simple double collar and necktie. Decently dressed field." Gail: "The detail in the various features - hair, profile, glasses, coat and tie, ear makes this carving superior. Although un-signed, this subject is attributed to Bo although in Del Romines 1st book (page 105) a similar carving is attributed to 'Bert.' Some believe this may be a portrait of Bo's doctor." $1,100+15% Buyer'sFee=>$1,265
       eBay item 2183430466 (Aug-01-03 11:23:46PDT) - 1931-S Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. VF. B&M#3481 Bearded man wearing derby. Rated Above Average (high) by Steve and Above Average by Gail. Artist... Bo. Steve: "The hat has a thin raised straight brim, with a bow on the band. Very finely carved hair, beard, mustache. The prominent raised metal outer ear rises vertically outward. Altered profile: recessed forehead and long nose. Neck and field decently dressed. No collar." Gail: "Design of the ear is quite different from other carvings by Bo, but the hat detail, band, hair, beard and profile are definitely the same." $650+15% Buyer'sFee=>$748
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
       eBay item 2183430474 (Aug-01-03 11:24:01PDT) - 1936-D Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. VF. B&M#3482 Clown. Rated Above Average (high) by Steve and Superior by Gail. Artist... Bo. Steve: "The small flat-topped hat high upon the head has a long thin straight brim, and a flower drooping downward. The vertically-carved hair end in a zigzag length pattern. Clown make-up around eye and mouth. Nice large ear with lobe. Altered profile, strong jawline. No collar. Nicely dressed field and neck." Gail: "Fabulous carving of clown - a wonderfully different (but not rare) and eagerly collected subject. The hat with droopy flower is a very different element - even for other clowns." $1,100+15% Buyer'sFee=>$1,265
       eBay item 2183430596 (Aug-01-03 11:24:30PDT) - Philadelphia Mint Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. EF. B&M#3483 Hatless and beardless man. Rated Above Average by Steve and Average by Gail. Artist... Unknown but possibly Bo. Steve: "Hatless man; hair textured by wedge-like cuts. Oval ear. Altered profile. Engraved on neck and should is 'THE LORD IS MY SHEP., LAST NIGHT I SLEPT WITH SHEEP. VIDA, MONT., AUG '38.' No collar. Nicely dressed field. Possibly carved by Bo, but hair is very different from his usual style. This piece has been featured in the books on hobo nickels." Gail: "The quality of the carving may be average but the subject with inscribed story is definitely not. This is a unique carving. Wonderful piece - highly desirable." $2,200+15% Buyer'sFee=>$2,530
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
       eBay item 2183430478 (Aug-01-03 11:25:05PDT) - 1937 Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. EF. B&M#3484 Bearded man wearing derby. Rated Above Average (high) by Steve and Superior by Gail. Artist... Bertram "Bert" Wiegand. Steve: "A very nice carving by Bert (Bo's mentor), signed BERT using the letters from Liberty. Nice hat, ear, hair, beard, mustache. Narrow hat brim and band, with bowtie. Simple collar. Nicely dressed field. Profile unaltered except for slight straightening of nose. One of Bert's later works." Gail: "Fantastic carving of a typical subject. Finely carved hair, beard, hat with band, ear and collar. Signed BERT. Some discoloration on coin." $1,600+15% Buyer'sFee=>$1,840
       eBay item 2183430429 (Aug-01-03 11:25:29PDT) - 1913 Buffalo "Hobo" nickel. VF. B&M#3485 Hiking hobo reverse carving. Rated Superior by Steve and Superior by Gail. Artist... Bo. Steve: "The buffalo is altered to a hiking hobo, holding a walking staff in his left had. Nicely carved hat, ear, hair, beard, and profile. The hobo is thin, with a backpack, and prominent belt, and a nicely carved arm and hand. The field is nicely dressed." Gail: "Classic reverse carving - extremely well detailed. Reverse carvings are a small percentage of hobo nickel carvings. This one extremely well done and has great eye appeal." $950+15% Buyer'sFee=>$1,093
       eBay item 2183430469 (Aug-01-03 11:25:56PDT) - 1935-1936 Buffalo F-EF. B&M#3486 A remarkable collection of 13 hobo nickels, carved to represent Jesus and his 12 disciples, Judas, Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James, Thaddaeus, and Simon. For the trivia buff, there were two different disciples named James. Housed in a custom "Capital" plastic style holder. This is a delightful collection that will certainly be enthusiastically pursued by bidders in our sale. Each nickel representing the different disciples as a number from 1 through 12 carved on the reverse. (Total: 13 pieces) $1,100+15% Buyer'sFee=>$1,265
       eBay item 2183430590 (Aug-01-03 11:26:43PDT) - Mostly 1935-1936 Buffalo "Hobo" nickels G-F. B&M#3487 Mostly 1935-1936 Buffalo "Hobo" nickels G-F with some earlier dates represented. Examples from all three Mints are represented. A splendid collection of 39 hobo nickels, carved to represent the first 39 presidents through Ronald Reagan. An additional uncarved coin is included in the collection to represent the original Buffalo nickel design. Housed in two custom "Capital" plastic style holder. A desirable collection for the history student. (Total: 39 pieces) $500+15% Buyer'sFee=>$575
       I want to thank Bill Jameson for telling me about these Bill Fivaz collection specimens. My "Hobo Nickel" search mechanism for eBay didn't return these so I would never have known about their sale. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    A Clifford Bolling photograph.
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    1794 Half Dollars
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    Type2 or
    on CD-ROM
  • After Getting The Microscope

  •    The two half dollars with the straighter hair are from my first and second dies. The third die is a total re-do starting with new master dies. I did this after getting the microscope. I don't know the order of the first two "straight hair" varieties. Ron Landis... Monday, August 04, 2003 11:30AM
       I have examined the few 1794 half dollar pieces in my collection and I can't make a definitive statement about the creation order of the first and second obverse dies. I do know that I received my number one very shortly after they were first offered and my number two came much later at a coin show... I think from someone who bought his early too. The first die has a few misjudged placements not evident in the second die... which could imply a learning chronology ...but that is all that I can contribute at this point. Cliff Bolling... Tuesday, August 05, 2003 6:20PM
       Only with the fantastic help of folks like Ron Landis and Clifford Bolling is this ScrapBook website even possible. Thanks to everybody who contributes to our efforts here! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    A Clifford Bolling photograph.
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    Type2 or
    on CD-ROM
    royal presentation strikes -> huelgas reales de la presentaci髇 -> real strikes of the presentation
      royal presentation specimens -> espec韒enes reales de la presentaci髇 -> real specimens of the presentation  

    Royals ...or... Presentation Pieces
       While building the Link: Fleur De Coin - 'Flower Of The Die' SBsubject I was reminded of the few virtually perfect Mexican/Spanish COB specimens that I thought I recalled being called Royals. When I asked my friend Glenn in Spain he replied:
       They are called "royals" or "presentation pieces" if referring to old pieces, and usually just some degree of "uncirculated" if a modern piece. In Spain, a modern "proof" is usually called a "proof." Glenn Murray... Friday, August 01, 2003 12:37PM
       When I used AltaVista's "Babel Fish Translation" on-line tool it gave me really confusing results... it couldn't even get back to the original English phrase I had given it ...which was Not Good! I sent my translation efforts (shown above) to Glenn and he amplified further:
       I see what you mean... "reales" is a monetary denomination, "huelga" is a strike... but only the kind workers do with pickets in front of their factories, and "espec韒enes" is what you give the Doctor in the little bottle during a medical check-up.
       You could call them "pruebas" or "ensayos" which are test strikes... which is what they really were, though not what they were supposed to be. These coins, sent every year from the colonial mints to the Madrid Mint in Spain (the King), were supposed to be random pieces drawn blindfolded from a large bin... after having mixed up the coins as per very specific instructions. Its purpose was to prove to the King that production was up to par... not that they knew how to make artistically perfect pieces when they wanted to. Glenn Murray... August 02, 2003 5:44AM

       I know I am always wandering afield into various nooks and crannies throughout the realm of numismatics. I feel like I am "sharing" stuff with all y'all but... if you don't agree can always skip over these sidebar items and get on with the real Landis SBsubjects. Stay cool- EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    "Elect J.T.Stanton For A.N.A. In 1995"
    Silver - 25.7-26.4mm
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    on CD-ROM
  • Stanton Token Hot Struck In Silver

  •    This is the second of these rare pattern specimens I have seen to date hot stuck in silver. I call this reverse die Ron's pattern die because it was redone for some reason before the production runs of J.T.'s tokens. Ron once told me that it is not a good idea to hot strike silver with dies designed for cold striking. If memory serves... he said that the using the dies in this manner causes scale to form on their surfaces. Of course this is damaging to the dies and would drastically shorten their working lives.
       I think I know how Ron got such good judgment. I suspect he got it from going through a lot of bad experiences which all resulted from a lot of bad judgment. At least that is where I got all my good judgment!
       You can see a scan of the other hot struck silver Stanton token here: Link: Property of GMM MintMaster. We have visited the subject of Stanton tokens in two other previous SBsubjects: Link: Elect J.T.Stanton For ANA In 1995 and Link: The Landis Factor. These tokens are among my favorite Landis creations. You already know how much I appreciate his medals and tokens. Finally the folks at the ANA have acknowledged his considerable talents. Congratulations Ron! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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    Bill (Jameson) Zach
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