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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot. 
Ron Landis ...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06
ScrapBook Subjects
Link: [ Send In The Reinforcements! ]
Link: Nothing Worthwhile Is Ever Easy!
Link: U.S.S. Daniel T. Griffin 1943-1993
Link: [ Set Of Four BillZach 1937 Carvings ]
Link: 1796/5 Gold HalfEagle Overdate???
Link: [ The History Of Money ]
Link: Museo De La Moneda - PROJECT Segovia
Link: She Finds A Rare Treasure...
Link: World Peace Coin Program
Link: This Makes 400 SBsubjects!
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
Send In The Reinforcements!
   Bill (Jameson) Zach's original Turtle Hill Logo carving (left) never reported in for duty in Dave's Banjo Nickel Carvings collection. So... Bill had to carve a second replacement carving (right.) If you ever stumble across our AWOL/MIA turtle carving then please let us know as there are charges pending. We are seriously considering having turtle soup! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
Click to visit the Turtle Hill Banjo Website Dave's Banjo Nickel Carvings
Link:Treasures From The Past
Link:The Answer, Simply, Is Tradition
Link:Turtle Hill Banjo Co.
Link:A Steve Adams Creation
Link:Banjos Galore
Link:Send In The Reinforcements!
Link:Quite Simply Over The Top!
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Ron Landis photographs.
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SILVER 2003 Elephant HoboToken (left)       SILVER 2003 RonLandis HoboToken (right)
  • Nothing Worthwhile Is Ever Easy!
       TheGuys have definitely been put through their paces keeping this year's GMM HoboToken production going. I'm not sure of the exact sequence... it really doesn't matter anyway ...but they have experienced both clashed and broken dies.
       The 2003 Elephant HoboToken (shown below) was struck from a broken Indian die. There were specimens struck with no die cracks, one die crack and two die cracks that I am aware of.
       The 2003 RonLandis HoboToken was not without its problems... the dies clashed so hard that Ron had to lap them. He salvaged the obverse/Landis die but the reverse/Buffalo didn't take the lapping as well. I was told that 75 pieces were struck from the repaired dies while the reverse/Buffalo die was being replaced. The only problem is that history has a way of repeating itself and those 75 pieces clearly have buffalos with three legs... sound familiar? Given a bit of time I will eventually generate a scan of that interesting unintentional creation for you. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
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    Jeffrey Daniher photographs.

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Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
  • U.S.S. Daniel T. Griffin 1943-1993
       This Danny T. medal, one ounce of .999 fine silver, was created by Ron Landis and is particularly appealing to me because it is the first creation Ron did when starting up business as the Gallery Mint Museum. Ron told us that only 200 were struck so this makes this medal exceptionally scarce and difficult to acquire. I showed you the GMM museum collection specimen in SBsubject: Link: The First Thing Produced As Gallery Mint! which was the first time I'd even seen this rare medal.
       The Danny T. was named after AMM1/c Daniel T. Griffin who was killed at Naval Air Station Kanehoe, Oahu, Hawaii on December 7, 1941.
       There certainly are a lot of interesting resources in hyperspace covering the USS Griffin. A couple nice examples are; 1) Link: Naval Vessel Register, Daniel T. Griffin (APD-38) (ex-DE-54) High Speed Transport and 2) Link: Guide for Individual ships histories... WWII combat actions APD-38 Daniel T. Griffin, USN Fast Attack Transport.
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
       I really love the overhead shot of the Danny T. and the fantastic detailed ship layout information provided by: Link: Destroyer Escort Central! An overhead shot of a "factory equipped" Buckley class DE. In this case, the USS Daniel T. Griffin (DE-54) taken on 17 April 1944, 10 months after she was commissioned and, although she probably didn't know it at the time, she was just four months away from the APD conversion to APD-38. The equipment is standard with three 3"/50 calibre dual purpose guns, a hedgehog, a triple 21" torpedo launcher, four 20mm single barrel guns aft of the stack, a 1.1" machine cannon in the X-position, eight K-guns, two 20mm single barrel guns on the fantail, and two depth charge roller racks. The mast contains the standard SA air search radar and the SL surface search radar. National Archives Photograph.

    Backup Link:Ship Layout ( in case the Destroyer Escort Central webpage evaporates. )
       An interesting tidbit of Danny T. history is... she was one of four ships sent to Chile November 15, 1966. The Danny T. was renamed Virgilio Uribe and is (according to all the references I can find on the Internet) still in service as a Training Ship while the other ships were eventually removed from active service and scrapped.
       Here are some interesting general specifications for the Danny T. extracted from Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945: 1) Link: DE -- Destroyer Escorts Buckley Class: Displacement: 1450 tons, Length: 306', Beam: 36'10", Draft: 13'9", Speed: 24 knots, Armament: 2 5"/38, 3x3 21" torpedo tubes, 2.2 40mm, 10 20mm, 1 hedgehog, 2 depth charge traks, 8 "K" gun projectors and Complement: 12 officers, 192 enlisted. Turbo-electric drive, 12,000 h.p. and 2) Link: APD -- High-Speed Transports Charles Lawrence Class: Displacement: 1450 tons (full load), Length: 306', Beam: 37', Draft: 12', Speed: 22.5 knots (max), 12 knots (econ) and Armament: 1 5"/38 DP, 3x2 40mm, 6 20mm, 2 depth charge tracks. Turbo-electric drive, twin screws, 12,000 shaft h.p. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    A Letter From A Danny T. Crewman
    April 17, 2003

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    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    U.S.S. Daniel T. Griffin   DE-54/APD-38

       The ship imprint for the medal obverse was taken from the picture shown here and was done by Lee Ricks of Pleasanton Texas. The medal reverse was designed by my son Myron. It was for the 50th anniversary of the launching of the ship as a DE.

       She was later converted to an APD(38) for service in the Pacific. I left before she was decomissioned and she was later sent to Chile and since has been scrapped.

       We made eleven trips across the Atlantic before going to the Pacific - Okinawa and Japan.

       Regards,   ( signature )   Frank Repka
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Set Of Four BillZach 1937 Carvings
   One often hears a Seller on eBay say that their scan doesn't do the item being sold justice. I always take that with quite a few grains of salt. I purchased these four carvings one at a time from Bill Zach based on the scans he provided. When they arrived this week I couldn't believe my tired old eyes... each of these carvings shows fantastic detail that simply doesn't show in the scans. Bill has paid special attention to all the normally overlooked details on these carvings. These guys all have shoulder, clothing and fabric detail. Each has exceptionally detailed hair. They are all different characters which makes them a perfect set. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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Late Arrival - He was hiding when Bill shipped the set.
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  • 1796/5 Gold HalfEagle Overdate???
       Global Certification Services, Inc. slabbed one of Ron's 1796 gold HalfEagle ($5) recreations and indicated that it is an overdate... 1796 over 1795. This is the first time I have ever heard of such an obverse die for Ron's early gold coin reproductions. If anyone has... or can create ...a closeup scan of the date area on an overdate specimen I'd sure love seeing it!
       As far as the overdate... ALL of the original 1796 half eagles were overdate varieties. So keeping true to the originals, most of the GMM half eagles are also overdates. All of them should be, but I may have forgotten about it last time I replaced the obverse die. Ron Landis...Thursday, April 24, 2003 10:17AM
       These three GMM gold recreations are presently being offered on eBay but the Seller has some really rotten scans posted. They told me that they do not have the ability to generate better scans of the overdate for us. They also mislabeled the $2.50 piece as the overdate in their lot descriptions rather than the $5.00 piece so... take care if you bid on any of these pieces. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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The History Of Money
   While on the subject of Segovia and Spanish Mints it would be a good time to show you a neat resource... website Link: EuroMint has a link entitled Link: Fun & Games which has a link entitled Link: The History of Money. If you go to that webpage you will find a sentence; "Now let's go to our story, why not take a look here?" I'm not sure how their code works so I can't embed it here for you but if you click on the last portion of that sentence on The History Of Money webpage you will end up with a window showing a set of numbers across the top from 1 through 12. Clicking on those numbers in sequence shows you a neat comic strip illustrating the creation of coins during medieval times.
   There are lots of more serious numismatic resources available from webpages Link: EuroMint and Link: Friends Of The Segovia Mint. These families of webpages are their English language versions. Explore and enjoy! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
11 January 1989 Coin World
Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
PROJECT Segovia ".5 Oz Ag" Medal
Click for
  • Museo De La Moneda - PROJECT Segovia
       Somewhere I must have a good B&W photo of Ron's half-ounce piece, but I couldn't find it, or more than a zerox copy of the Coin World article. The few original half-ounce pieces I had were stolen while they were in Segovia City Hall (thus there are five or six floating somewhere around Segovia.) I learned my lesson with the larger piece and never let it out of my hands! Glenn Murray...Monday, April 21, 2003 5:14PM
       AGAIN Glenn Murray, in Segovia Spain, comes through for us. He sent us a scan of a portion of a January 11, 1989 Coin World article which shows another Ron Landis medal... one which I have never seen previous to this. A half ounce of pure silver would make this medal roughly the size of a U.S. Half Dollar. So... now we have another treasure to search for and to learn about. The mystery and the fun just never ends! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
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Preview Of A Very Special Peace Coin
From ANA President Kenneth Bressett And Artist Ron Landis
July 21, 1997
Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
   The Peace 2000 Coin Program is now moving forward with great vigor. In the United States, several artists have submitted designs worthy of consideration. One of particular merit is that engraved by artist Ron Landis. It so well captures the spirit of the theme that I have asked him to produce a small number of examples for distribution to others interested in the program.

   Mr. Landis has produced dies for his "concept coin" by hand engraving directly into steel. He then struck the pieces on a screw press. A limited issue of only 100 were made.

   We hope that you will enjoy this unique trial piece, and be inspired to compete with other world mints in producing similar coins for your country. What better way can there be to pass the message and ideals of peace throughout the world in a way that everyone can see and appreciate.

Peace,   ( signature )   Kenneth Bressett, President ANA
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Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
  • World Peace Coin Program
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM    All of these 1998 Landis Concept Dollar pieces were given out in blue plush cases. The manufacturer donated them to the Peace cause as I recall.
       These Concept Dollars were given to Mint Directors, Mint Officials, and Government Officials from around the world. They were intended to promote the Peace Through Coinage program by having them use a Peace theme on their coinage. Most of the 100 pieces were given out at the ANA convention, at a time when the Mint Directors were meeting there in conjunction with the ANA convention.
       Additional pieces were given to the ANA Board of Directors, and members of the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee, to gain their interest and favor in the Peace Through Coinage program.
       This 1998 piece had nothing to do with the Coin Coalition. I think I did give one of the pieces to Jim Benfield, the head of the group, but they never were involved with the Peace program other than saying it was a good idea. Ken Bressett...Saturday, April 19, 2003 5:25PM

       The blue plush case that was used in the distribution of this wonderful Landis creation didn't protect it very well. Unfortunately this specimen has toned rapidly and unevenly. However it is certainly obvious now why an example of this 1998 Con$ept is so difficult to acquire... they were scattered around the world to folks who probably will never insert them back into the collector community.
       On a related subject I found an article in the January 1996 issue of The Numismatist which told me that the mintage of the Pobjoy Peace Through Coinage medal was 8 gold, 150 silver and 8,000 copper-nickel.
       You may recall that we have visited the subject of Ken's Peace project twice previously in; 1) Link:Peace Through Coinage and 2) Link:MORE Peace Through Coinage Stuff.
       Now that we understand that there was a direct tie between the Peace tokens discussed in the previously referenced SBsubjects and the 1998 Con$ept Dollars... it is appropriate to point out those SBsubjects that I could put my fingers on that are 1998 Con$ept related; 1) Link:Rings From Resizing Planchets, 2) Link:Modern Small Dollar Patterns, 3) Link:Still Counting... Con$ept Dollars That Is... :-), 4) Link:CoinFlip Inserts: After The Fact Confusion, 5) Link:Wax Con$ept Hub And Die Impressions, 6) Link:The "One Concept" Dollar "PEACE" Reverses, 7) Link:1998 GMM Concept Dollar (Not Piedfort) and 8) Link:Dragon Blood In Con$ept Family Tree. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM 400 Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
  • This Makes 400 SBsubjects!
       Actually the number of different subjects captured in our ScrapBook exceeds 400 by quite a bit since I don't count in this total the non-Landis/GMM sidebar subjects that I wander off into with great regularly. I want to pause a moment here and thank all those Landis fans who have helped me construct all these SBsubjects over the past three years. I'll refrain from listing you folks here in fear of leaving somebody out and hurting their feelings... but you ALL know who you are and I love each and every one of you! I will give special thanks to Joe Rust and Ron Landis for their continued friendship and support... not to mention their inspiration and hard work which makes all this possible. I am confident that I can get away with mentioning TheGuys specifically without any risk of diminishing my heartfelt expression of appreciation for all the help you Landis fans have provided. Thank You Everybody! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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Bill (Jameson) Zach
Bill's Photo Album available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Bill's Photo Album available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
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