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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot. 
Ron Landis ...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06
ScrapBook Subjects
Link: Abraham Lincoln High School 30th Reunion
Link: Limited Edition Pewter Tokens
Link: [ The Smile Tells The Whole Story ]
Link: Just When I Think I Have Things Pinned Down!
Link: 1998 GMM Concept Dollar (Not Piedfort)
Link: 8 August 2002 ScrapBook CD-ROM Created
Link: Missed It By THAT Much!
Link: [ Little Eva Vote For Women/Sure I'm Irish Too ]
Link: The Only Ones I've Seen So Far
Link: [ Hobo Nickel by Sam Alfano ]
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
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Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
Lincoln "Large Cent" - 28mm
  • Abraham Lincoln High School 30th Reunion
       When Ron told me he was creating a "Lincoln Large Cent" for his high school reunion I immediately pictured something along the lines of the graphic mockups I've created and posted below. I was certainly surprised when what he came up with was what I would have called a "Large Lincoln Cent" as shown above. I could just picture in my leaky old mind the use of the wonderful Wreath Cent foilage. Turns out Ron used VDB's wheat heads which works just great for this old Kansas boy!
       Back to more serious numismatic matters to talk about limited edition creations. Now here is a real beaut! Ron struck only 150 specimens as shown above with the "RL" counterstamp on the reverse. If I understood him correctly he also struck 150 specimens without the RL counterstamp. The real kicker is that all specimens were distributed to the folks who attended Ron's class reunion. I don't have all the particulars... perhaps some were sent out to other 1972 class members or perhaps non-1972 class folks at the reunion got specimens. Regardless of the precise distribution details, here is ANOTHER super limited and difficult pair of tokens from the imagination workshop in Eureka Springs. Now where can I get a list of the folks who attended Ron's high school class reunion? EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Click for Left or Right enlargement on CD-ROM

Click for Summer Seminar (left) Obverse or Reverse enlargement on CD-ROM
Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
Click for Creative Errors (right) Obverse or Reverse enlargement on CD-ROM
  • Limited Edition Pewter Tokens
       My first indication that there were new 2002 ANA Summer Seminar tokens struck was an offering on eBay of a SILVER 2002 ANA Summer Seminar token which I snapped up. Then when it arrived I could tell it wasn't silver which certainly would have been unusual because the MiniMint that GMM takes on the road isn't stout enough to strike silver. However... it was the very nicely struck PEWTER token as shown here at the left.
       Ron was in Colorado still attending Denver's Abraham Lincoln High School 1972 class 30th reunion so I could not get any particulars from him right off. Eventually he wandered back to Arkansas and informed me that he only took enough material with him to strike roughly 400 tokens at the Summer Seminar. That makes this a very limited edition token for sure. THEN... he told me that he also took material for another 400 tokens and a second reverse die with him for his "Creative Errors" Summer Seminar course.
       The token shown above above on the right is from that die and, because it was an creative errors class, normal strikes using this die are exceedingly rare. Everybody was busy showing off their error creation capabilities! How many of the roughly 400 strikes were "normal"... nobody knows but you can bet it wasn't many. If you want ANY example of a token struck from this die don't waste your time bugging TheGuys down in Arkansas. You will have to talk one of the class attendees out of a specimen as these were only struck for and by the students. Now where can I get a list of the folks who shelled out the funds to attend Ron's Creative Errors class? EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
The Smile Tells The Whole Story
   Just another fish story. Didn't weigh the fish, but I'd guess it is in the 17 to 19 pound range. Smoked half of the fish this past weekend. Pretty good stuff. I make a mean smoked salmon dip too. Catch you later. (no pun intended) Steven G. Adams...Tue, 6 Aug 2002 19:54:21
   Here is proof that nickels aren't the only thing that Master Carver Steven Adams knows how to carve! It is always good to have other skills to depend on if nickel carving ever falls out of popularity Steve. I understand there is lots of competition in the fishing business though... both commercial and sports fishing. If you are using a ScrapBook CD-ROM then here is an enlargement of Link:Steve and his Salmon. I need to go visit Steve and see if I can find one of those wonderful smiles for myself. My doctor says 180/100 is not a good blood pressure reading!
   Just so you don't think that Steve spends all his time being successful at fishing for salmon... I am showing you here on the right a wonderful nickel carving by our Master Carver/Fisherman that he is placing on eBay as I write this SBsubject. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
Clifford Bolling photographs.

1794 Dollar Reverse Die Details - "STATES" (left) Area

1794 Dollar Reverse Die Details - "AMERICA" (right) Area
  • Just When I Think I Have Things Pinned Down!
       I was feeling pretty proud of myself for having tracked down and carefully shown all y'all the obverse and reverse dies used for Ron's 1794 Dollar recreations. See: Link:Watching A Die Come Apart where I detailed what I thought were BOTH existing sets of 1794 Dollar dies.
       Of course you know what happens to the prideful. Cliff Bolling immediately knocked me off my perch! He has a 1794 dollar recreation from GMM with a totally different reverse die... Die3 as shown here in these scans. It is a REALLY NICE die with wonderful sharp detail and everything is nice and crisp. I suggested it might be a proof strike but Cliff says his piece is definitely an uncirculated strike. Hummm???? Now I need to go to the bank and dig out my 1794 Proof Dollar to see if it might have this "Die3" (a purely arbitrary numbering system with no assumed connection to creation sequence or anything.) EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Clifford Bolling photographs.

    1794 Dollar Reverse Die Details - "STATES" (left) Area

    1794 Dollar Reverse Die Details - "AMERICA" (right) Area
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A Phillip Barnhart photograph.       Click to see specimen's eBay listing.
  • 1998 GMM Concept Dollar (Not Piedfort)
       THIS IS NOT THE PIEDFORT 2000 COLLECTOR'S PIECE, THIS IS THE VERY FIRST GALLERY MINT MUSEUM 1998 PROTOTYPE SMALL DOLLAR PATTERN. This is the first Gallery Mint Museum pattern for the new dollar coin, produced in 1998 to provide the Washington decision makers an example of what the new golden dollar could look like. By many accounts, these pieces made a significant impact on the passing of legislation for the new coin.
       Engraver Ron Landis first designed the flowing hair type and mated it with a reverse to symbolize peace in the new millennium. The 1998 pieces were struck in conjunction with Ken Bressett, Past President of The American Numismatic Association, to promote his PEACE THROUGH COINAGE effort. Mr. Bressett distributed and promoted some of these pieces during the 1997 ANA convention held in New York City. These pieces were struck in brass, have a plain edge, and a mintage of 110 pieces.
       A few of the 1998 pieces were distributed to Congressmen at the beginning of the dollar coin debate. Rep. Michael Castle, then Chairman of the International Monetary Policy Committee, decided that the more familiar statue of liberty would be more recognizable. Three types were struck with the 2000 date. Collector interest prompted Gallery Mint Museum to produce the more familiar Piedfort release in 1999.
       This example is lightly toned, prooflike, and a true modern pattern. Very rare, it is an absolutely essential piece for any modern dollar collection. Read more at the following excellent sites: Link:United States Small Dollar Coins and Link:Gallery Mint Museum Scrapbook Phillip Barnhart...Wednesday Aug-07-02 09:55:49

       This wonderful pattern specimen is being offerred on eBay as I write this SBsubject and at a bargain starting bid price. I'd be in there swinging if it weren't for the fact I already have a specimen (which I paid substantially more for by the way) and Mama's proposed SunRoom which hasn't started yet in spite of $15,000 in checks already written to the contractor. ?:-)
       ( Note: I read the starting bid as $350 MANY times... just now I discovered that Phil needs $850 as a minimum. I was wondering why nobody was jumping on the $350 price! It is probably worth $850 but I KNEW it was worth MORE than $350! Verne...Monday Aug-12-02 23:04:08 )
       If you are using a ScrapBook CD-ROM, then here is an enlargement of the Link:Golden Dollar design shown at the right above and an enlargement of Ron's Link:Collectors' Update clipping shown below. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    A Phillip Barnhart photograph.
    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
    Click for enlargement on CD-ROM


This is the CD-ROM version of the GMM ScrapBook
Pages 1 through 45       8 August 2002
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  • 8 August 2002 ScrapBook CD-ROM Created
       My but time certainly flys past when one is simply going about the business of daily living! It has been over six months since I last created a CD-ROM of all this GMM information. This disk has an "autostart menu" and what is really wonderful is the speed that everything loads from the CD-ROM... no waiting for files to come down across the Internet!
       I will send you a CD-ROM for $20 postpaid with future upgrades available after your initial acquisition for a nominal $10 postpaid. If you are already ordering an upgrade be sure and tell me although I suspect I'll know because of the amount of your payment. Now you can be sure that all this great GMM data doesn't disappear some day when you turn on your computer.
       Personal checks are fine. This isn't a profit motivated enterprise but I do need enough funds to purchase disks, cardstock, printer cartridges, shipping materials, postage and other supplies.
       Order from: Verne R. Walrafen, 12000 Sunset Ridge Drive, Ozawkie, KS 66070 and NOT from the guys in Arkansas. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

A Mark Honea photograph.
Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
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  • Missed It By THAT Much!
       This is a Gallery Mint Museum COPY of a 1787 Brasher Dubloon. Ephraim Brasher was a New York Goldsmith, and a neighbor of George Washington. He countermarked gold coins with an "EB" punch, certifying that he had found the coin to be of proper weight and purity. He also produced a very small number of gold coins himself. The originals were stamped "EB" on either the Eagle's wing or breast. This particular piece is unusual in that it has NO "EB" punch. This piece is struck on a planchet of 22 Karat (.9167 Pure) Gold, and is struck using the same technology as that available to the early U.S. Mint (i.e., on a Screw Press). Drop-Dead Gorgeous Uncirculated! Mark Honea...Aug-01-02 13:57:45
       I know that by picking the title I did for this SBsubject, I am not only dating myself as an old fogey but admitting to being a Maxwell Smart junkie. I reckon you will just have to get over it!   ;-)
       The reason "Missed It" was appropriate for this in my leaky old mind is that this gold piece missed a step in the recreation sequence. At GMM the coins are struck and marked with the COPY counterstamp in a single location and then, in the case of these gold doubloons, are sent on to Ron Landis to have the EB counterstamp applied. This specimen apparently went into Adam Hardcastle's hoard straight from being created without passing through Ron's hands. I guess we are fortunate that it at least got the COPY counterstamp applied to it! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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Little Eva Vote For Women/Sure I'm Irish Too
   This coin was inspired by the politics of the late teens' to early 20's with the obverse saying Little Eva Vote For Women with the indian transformed into a woman that looks sort of like Susan B Anthony. Centsles...Jul-25-02 19:00:16
   To me the obverse carving, while definitely a wonderful carving, looks like a man made up to look like a woman. Note the definite beard stubble on the upper lip and the prominent Adam's apple. That is not to say that I don't like the carving because I certainly do. As to the reverse carving, little needs to be said beyond; "WOW!" Sam Alfano told me he was impressed by the carver working the Buffalo's horn into the carving as a tusk on this neat critter. I absolutely love it when portions of the original nickel's design elements are worked into the new design such that they appear to be a legimate part of the new carving. Ron Landis does this regularly in his top quality nickel carving designs.
   Now I am wondering if this critter is purely a creation of the carver's imagination or if it represents some mythical creature in Irish legends and myths. Can anyone out there help educate the old FatMan? EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
A Clifford Bolling photograph.
Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
Click for enlargement on CD-ROM

  • The Only Ones I've Seen So Far
       This is a picture of four 16 star obverses for the 1796 50 cents. These are the only ones I've seen so far. Clifford Bolling...Tue, 30 Jul 2002 17:51:59
       I always love it when Cliff sends me scans! He does most of the hard work and I can bang around on them to create neat informational studies like the scan shown below. The only problem is what to say about the subject of Cliff's current study interest. He certainly provides us with otherwise unavailable information about GMM creations. Thanks Cliff! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    A Clifford Bolling photograph.
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Hobo Nickel by Sam Alfano
   A classic bearded hobo with derby which is very deeply sculpted and surrounded with a running leaf border in raised heavy 24K gold. Detailed hatband and engraved scroll design. The coin is a 1913 Type2 in XF condition with clearly defined horn on the buffalo. Signed "SA". Sam Alfano...Jul-21-02 15:51:42
   I am an ardent admirer of Sam's carving so I just wanted to share with you his most recent carving to be posted on eBay. It is nice to see Sam leave the nickel's date on this carving. Perhaps I can influence him to leave the LIBERTY on a future carving. This COOL carving brought Sam a comfortable $370.25 price realized. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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Bill (Jameson) Zach
Bill's Photo Album available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Bill's Photo Album available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
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