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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot. 
Ron Landis ...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06
ScrapBook Subjects
Link: The Wealth Of The South
Link: Romines Hobo Nickel Book Supplement
Link: Now that's something you don't see happen every day!
Link: WRNC 1996 Counterstamps Inventory
Link: 1995 Con$ept Die Alignments Under Study
Link: [ Zach#34 ]
Link: Landis Hobos and Trains on Buffalo Nickels
Link: Landis Hobos and Trains on American Eagles
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
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2001 ANA 110th Convention
GMM counterstruck 1999 Georgia Quarter

  • The Wealth Of The South
       Well now... I learned that this counterstamp existed on my last trip to Eureka Springs but they didn't have any leftover specimens remaining at the mint.   :-(
       Then one showed up on for sale on eBay!   :-)
       Since then I have been trying to determine the precise details on what and how many were struck. I don't even know how these pieces were distributed although I heard they might have been given out at an ANA banquet. Now that would have been a banquet worth attending for something other than the rubber chicken. Since Ron and Joe are in California striking gold pieces I can't get the details straight from the horses mouth. When I learn more about these neat pieces I will let you know.
       I just learned from Bill Fivaz that he sent 13 rolls of Georgia quarters to GMM to be counterstamped so that would put the mintage at 520 specimens. He also informed me that these pieces were indeed handed out at the 2001 ANA banquet as previously reported. Sun, 21 Oct 2001 EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

    Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
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Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
George Washington "Bo" Hughes
by Bill (Jameson) Zach - August 2001

  • Romines Hobo Nickel Book Supplement
       Some interesting things show up on eBay. Recently a first edition, June 1982, of Del Romines' Hobo Nickel book sold at a very reasonable price. What was noteworthy is that it included a copy of a nine page "Supplement" that was published April, 19 1993. I contacted Joyce Romines hoping to acquire a copy for myself only to discover that, of the 100 copies printed, she had only had two requests for copies ...and... when the Romines made an emergency move of their household all remaining copies were discarded.
       Of course, quite a bit of the information in the nine pages was worked into the 1996 second edition Hobo Nickel book but when I read the narrative describing Bo and Bert I just had to share it with you. Again... much of this information may be available in the second edition Hobo Nickel book but I haven't pinned down precisely where it is in that edition. I didn't need to spend time looking for it when I could read it in the "Supplement."
       ALL of the blue colored text immediately below is a selected excerpt. It quite obviously is NOT, the complete contents of the nine pages and remains the property of the Romines. It is shown here only for educational purposes and may not be reproduced and sold without the expressed permission of the author, Del Romines, NLG.

    Excerpt     (The late Mr. Tom Deason of Corydon, Ind.)     Excerpt
       Tom first met Bert and Bo in the mid-1990's while he was an engineer on the Southern Railroad, and when he unofficially allowed them to hitch a ride on his train. Tom stated that Bert and Bo were probably the most mismatched pair of hobos he had ever seen, and he had seen many. Tom described Bert as being "about 6' tall, 180-190 pounds, had ice cold black eyes, and had a personality and disposition which was as cold as ice. He was icy polite, and you could see and feel the hatred and bitterness in him."
       "Bo, on the other hand, was no more than 5' tall, and weighed about 110 pounds." Tom had not seen Bo since the '40's, and over the time span, the memories may not have been totally accurate. He further stated that Bo was one of the most likeable people he had ever met. He was very intelligent, and always seemed to want to learn.
       Bert was a white man, and Bo was a "tan" black, with nearly white features. Normally whites and blacks did not pair up, and many times some of the hobos would not allow the blacks ("Shiners") in the "weeds" (Jungles or camps.) Bo was an exception for two reasons: first, he was very intelligent and likeable, and second, Bert would have killed anyone who showed disrespect or hatred toward Bo.
       Even though Bert was cold and bitter, he was a very learned man. When his mood was right, he could intelligently discuss just about any subject, giving rise to the theory that he no doubt came from high breeding and was well educated. However, no one made trouble when Bert was around. Del Romines...19 Apr 1993.

       I used one of Bill Zach's most recent Hobo Nickel carvings of "Bo" to draw attention to this ScrapBook Subject containing information originally published by the Romines. The Zach#67 carving has nothing to do with the Romines "Supplement" obviously other than being a portrait of "Bo." EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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1793 Half Cent

  • Now that's something you don't see happen every day!
       REPLICA 1793 Half Cent - Chocolate Unc. (Item #1266419095): Replicas don't get finer than this uncirculated modern GMM die struck copy of a 1793 Half Cent electrolyticly aged to a lovely bronze. Labeled COPY reverse. Free shipping within the USA. necoins...Aug-18-01 18:59:07
       The toned GMM half cent shown above sold today on eBay for $153.79 which just goes to prove that not everybody likes the same stuff. As I've said before; "This is a GOOD thing!" At least the Seller threw in free shipping. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM 200 Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM


  • WRNC 1996 Counterstamps Inventory
       Our striking was surrounded by controversy, conflict, mis-information and confusion. The 1996 WRNC strikings were all done at GMM. As I understand it, Ron did the die work and Adam struck what we submitted. Per Adam in 08/96, GMM did not maintain records of exactly what was struck. The reverse die (75th) was defaced on it's return to the club. Club members were offered a strike record prepared by our club President. Gene...Mon, 20 Aug 2001 17:28:01
    75th Anniversary striking by GMM
    Delivered July 01, 1996
    From "OFFICIAL" Listing ..... Last updated: 08/20/01

    DESCRIPTION [circ+proof] #Struck
    Half Cent 2

    Large Cent 1

    Indian Cent 2
    Lincoln Cent (copper) 5
    Lincoln Cent (steel) 4
    Lincoln Cent (1921P) 4
    Lincoln Cent (1921S) 1

    Two Cent Piece (1864) 1

    Shield Nickel (1868) 1
    Liberty Nickel (with cents) 1
    Liberty Nickel (no cents) 1
    Buffalo Nickel (Type 1) 1
    Buffalo Nickel (1921) 4
    Jefferson Nickel 27
    Jefferson Nickel (silver) 12
    Jefferson Nickel (off center)(nd) 1

    Barber Dime 2
    Mercury Dime 2
    Mercury Dime (1921D) 1
    Roosevelt Dime (silver) 2
    Roosevelt Dime (clad) 2
    Roosevelt Dime (1988 off center) 1

    Barber Quarter 2
    Standing Liberty Quarter 5
    Standing Liberty Quarter (Type 1) 1
    Standing Liberty Quarter (1921) 1
    Washington Quarter (clad) 3
    Washington Quarter (silver) [2+1] 3
    Washington Quarter (off center)(nd) 1

    Barber Half 2
    Walking Liberty Half 12
    Walking Liberty Half (1921S) 1
    Franklin Half [4+10] 14
    Kennedy Half (1968 w/1971 WRNC cstamp) 1
    Kennedy Half (clad) [7+1] 8
    Kennedy Half (silver) [3+2] 5

    1892 Columbian Commem. 1
    1893 Columbian Commem. 1
    1921 Alabama Commem. 1
    1921 Alabama Commem. (2x2) 1
    1921 Pilgrim Commem. 1
    1923S Monroe Commem. 1
    1925 Stone Mount. Commem. 1
    1926 Sesqui Commem. 1
    1935S Boone Commem. 1
    1936 Cleveland Commem. 21
    1946 BTW Commem. 1
    1952 Carver Commem. 1
    1982 Washington Commem. [2+2] 4

    Morgan Dollar 10
    Morgan Dollar (1921P) 19
    Morgan Dollar (1921D) 4
    Morgan Dollar (1921S) 4
    Peace Dollar 6
    Peace Dollar (1921) 7
    Ike Dollar (clad) [6+4] 10
    Ike Dollar (silver) [2+8] 10
    SBA Dollar [5+3] 8

    Gold-1853 US $2.50 1
    Gold-1880 US $5.00 1
    Gold-1901S US $5.00 1
    Gold-1989 US 1/10 Eagle 1
    Gold-1996 US 1/10 Eagle 2
    Gold-1989 Can 1/10 Maple Leaf 1
    Gold- Mexico 2 Peso 5

    NJ Colonial (nd) 1
    1792 Condor token 1
    1837 HTT (Low 49) 1
    Copper bar 2
    Silver bar 2
    Alunimum bar 2
    1970 Mex I Peso (w/WRNC oval stamp) 1
    1971 Mex 20 Centavos 1
    1971 Mex 5 Peso 1
    1921 Swiss 1 Franc 1
    1971 US Proof Set (2) [0+10] 10
    1996 US Proof Set (7) [0+35] 35
    1995 US Silver Eagle 1
    1996 US Silver Eagle 14
    Silver round - one oz. 6
    GMM Large Cent [0+2] 2
    1921 WRNC 30mm Commem. 2
    Canada Silver Dollar 2
    Cleveland 175th bronze medal 1
    Cleveland bi-cent. bronze medal 1
    Heraldic Art Medal (silver) 3
    China 20 cash (nd)(copper) 1
    Blank cent planchet 1
    Blank Nickel Planchet 1
    Blank Dime Planchet 1
    Blank Quarter Planchet 2
    Blank Half Dollar Planchet 2
    US Mint Medal (copper) 2
    30mm Silver Round 2
    40mm Pewter Round 1

    TOTAL (includes all trial strikes??) [288+78] 366
       I thought the above listing to simply be too good to pass up posting on this webpage. The variety of specimens struck, I count 75 different categories in the 350+ pieces, is simply wonderful and it gives us a great general picture of the results of the counterstamping project.
       Gene has a second listing that provides a bit more detail and adds a few unofficial strikes he has learned about... for example, the two specimens that just sold on eBay this month from Adam Hardcastle's personal collection. I felt that it was just a bit too much detail for the purposes of the ScrapBook but I have it available for reference if anyone wants to discuss this subject in greater detail. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

Click to visit Mike's 'One Concept' Dollars Webpage Attention!!!!!
GMM 1995 One Concept Dollar Owners
Click to visit Mike's 'One Concept' Dollars Webpage

  • 1995 Con$ept Die Alignments Under Study
       Your HELP is needed. It has recently come to my attention that some of the Link:1995 One Concept Dollars were struck with medal die alignment as opposed to a coin die alignment. A die alignment is determined by rotating a coin on it's north-south axis. If the reverse is then "upside down", it is a coin die alignment. If it is "right side up" it is a medal die alignment. Or, you can compare the die alignment with a United States coin. United States coins, as with most legal tender coins of the world, are struck in coin die alignment, hence the name. The biggest majority of tokens and medals are struck with medal die alignment.
       I want to determine as best as I can what percentage of the total produced was struck with each die alignment. Please check all of your 1995 One Concept Dollars and email me with the results. Numbers on both die alignments are wanted. I will post the results here as soon as the information is available. EMail:Click here to email me. Thank you for taking your time to check your One Concept Dollars and emailing the results to me. Mike Wallace...8/19/01

       I got several EMails recently asking that I check my small holding of 1995 Con$epts for die alignment because of one nice specimen that is currently being offered on eBay. I was lazy and just didn't get around to it until Mike Wallace shamed me into going to look because he reminded me that not all collectors have similar interests... which I already knew but just hadn't taken into account.
       So... here, in the order that they were created/struck, are both die alignment and edge details for all the pieces in my midden heap that were struck with the 1995 Con$ept Eagle (reverse) die:
    1793 ChainCent Copper PlainEdge CoinAlign
    1995 IGWT Brass Moon&StarsEdge CoinAlign
    1995 IGWT Copper Vine&BarsEdge CoinAlign
    1995 LargeDate Brass PlainEdge CoinAlign+20degLeft
    1995 LargeDate Brass PlainEdge CoinAlign+20degLeft
    1995 Copper Vine&BarsEdge CoinAlign
    1995 Brass LetteredEdge CoinAlign
    1995 Brass LetteredEdge CoinAlign
    1995 Brass LetteredEdge CoinAlign+20degRight
    1995 FigLeaf/PEACE Brass LetteredBothDirectionsEdge CoinAlign
    1796 BustQuarter SilverPiedfort PlainEdge MedalAlign
       I really don't have much in the way of 1995 Con$epts with only four of the regular issue strikes so, as to not look too bad, I expanded Mike's requested information just a smidgen. Be patient with me... I've been weird all my life! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
Zach#34: I just HAD to share my most recent hobo nickel carving from Bill (Jameson) Zach. It has a wonderful original rim so the field is deeply dished which sets off this gem of a carving. The fact it is on a high grade example of my favorite 1913 Type I, buffalo on a mound, Buffalo Nickel certainly helps also. If you are using a ScrapBook CD-ROM to view this page you may click on either image to see a nice enlargement scan. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
Click for First Carving or First Carving Annotated enlargement
Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
Click for Second Carving enlargement

  • Landis Hobos and Trains on Buffalo Nickels
       Included in with the three American Eagle set photographs were photos of two more of Ron's "Hobo and Train" creations carved on the reverse of Buffalo Nickel host coins (21.2mm). I assume these carvings are of the same general 1995 vintage. Since I did not get photographs of the obverse of these reverse carved creations I don't know the date of the host coin nor what Ron's creation sequence number is on them. I also do not know who owns these superb carvings at this time but they certainly are fortunate to have them.
       I LOVE the way Ron incorporates parts of the original buffalo nickel into his carvings rather than simply carving away the complete design and starting over. On the annotated scan of the first carving; I've circled the buffalo's head as part of the tree, back (twice) as part of the train's smoke and rear legs as part of the Hobo's legs. Even the bush in the center grows up out of the point where the Buffalo's front feet stood. Having the original nickel components included in the design makes the carving absolutely fantastic in my humble opinion. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
Click for OHNS or Anaheim enlargement
Enlargements available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
Click for HoeBoy enlargement

  • Landis Hobos and Trains on American Eagles
       My first encounter with one of Ron's "Hobo and Train" creations was when I purchased one of his 1995 Annual Medals. It is one of my favorite Landis pieces and I have since then purchased a small group to use as host coins for a single counterstamp of Ron's GMM Hobo Token dies each year. My second encounter came when I got to hold and inspect Ron's HoeBoy carving this year at the Hobo Museum in Britt, Iowa.
       When I mentioned having seen HoeBoy Ron told me it was one of a set of three individual carvings he did on the reverse of American Eagle host coins (40.6mm 1oz 0.999 fine silver.) He then made a special effort and loaned me his only photographic prints of the set (the negatives have gone missing.) I believe I am correct in remembering that all three of these pieces were donated to the individual organizations connected to each commemorative carving. I know both the HoeBoy and the Anaheim carvings were done in 1995 as was the 1995 Annual Medal.
       This is the first time I've tried to scan black and white photographs so they didn't come out as nicely as I would have preferred. They are a bit dark but still show off Ron's wonderful talent nicely. The OHNS carving has the legend "ORIGINAL HOBO NICKEL SOCIETY", the Anaheim carving has the legend "104TH CONVENTION AM NUM ASSN", and the Hoeboy carving has the legend "NATIONAL HOBO CONVENTION". EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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Bill (Jameson) Zach
Bill's Photo Album available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM Bill's Photo Album available on both WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM
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Gallery Mint Museum

 Horse Trader 

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