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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot. 
Ron Landis ...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06
ScrapBook Subjects
Link: Die Alignment Pieces Have A HARD Life
Link: My Fasces Are Better Than Your Fasces
Link: Small Dollar Edge Test Specimen Found
Link: An EXPENSIVE Pi鑓e De Caprice!
Link: National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa
Link: GMM ScrapBook Now Available on CD-ROM
Link: "In God We Trust" On Santa Maria's Bow
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
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Die Alignment Piece For 1787 Brasher Doubloon
Originally A Jefferson Nickel

  • Die Alignment Pieces Have A HARD Life
       Actually this interesting little piece might more properly be called a Die Alignment Piece For 1787 Brasher Half Doubloon I suppose... since the nickel only had enough metal to expand to the wreath design on the dies. This is the same way a Half Doubloon was created using the Doubloon dies... by providing just enough gold to expand to include the wreath.
       As shown here on the right, some of Monticello's portico and the final "O" in Monticello survived both the strike and the cancellation process. One thing is absolutely certain... when the guys at the Gallery Mint Museum decide to cancel a piece they take their work seriously. I have a couple other "canceled" pieces I will show you once I get them scanned.
       This piece was hammered into a dish shape resulting in much of the design detail being obliterated. I don't know how they held their innocent victim down while they beat it to death. If it had been me attempting this mayhem I would have had to chase the poor little critter down after each blow and I am certain it would have successfully hidden under something very early on in the process. I know any nut I drop in my shop immediately scurries underneath something and is never seen or heard from again. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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Colorado Springs Coin Show Token

  • My Fasces Are Better Than Your Fasces
       That is assuming mine were created by Ron Landis (as shown above) and yours were created by Adolph Weinman (of Mercury Dime fame.)
       Every summer we usually go to summer seminar in Colorado Springs. The local coin club always does a coin show in conjunction with the seminar because of all the collectors that are in town for the event. They have been trying to have us attend the show for many years and we finally agreed to do it last year. However, our schedule was so demanding that we had to back out at the final hour. We did go ahead and strike 300 of these and ran them down to the show where they were passed around to the dealers set up there, club members, etc.
       We also made a similar one for the ANA seminar again with the fasces but with a different legend. Most of these were struck by the folks attending the seminar. This has become a tradition and we love to just sit back and watch numismatists playing like little kids in the playground. Of course, every conceivable error is usually produced and they never let us out until EVERY last piece of metal in the building is struck.
       In addition to these two pieces, we also made six different tokens from dies engraved by my students. These were mated with a die I created in class that said something like, ART OF ENGRAVING ANA SUMMER SEMINAR, and THE GLASS HOUSE (the nickname of the fraternity house we held the class in.) Ron Landis ... Mon, 19 Mar 2001 13:32:59

       So all this gives me a bunch more pieces to watch for... Man! It never ends. Ron creates pieces faster than I can find them. If anyone out there has examples of anything mentioned here by Ron I am eager to at LEAST get scans of them. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen


Edge Test Piece With Alternating Reeded/Plain Edge On A Copper Planchet

  • Small Dollar Edge Test Specimen Found
       Here is a small clip of the text from Mike Wallace's webpage entitled Link:A DISTINCTIVE EDGE from his superlative website: It is believed that a major factor in the failure of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was that it was not easily distinguish from the Quarter Dollar. If sighted people were having a problem differentiating between the two, then it was compounded even more for visually impaired people. The Link:United States Dollar Coin Act of 1997 states "The dollar coin shall be golden in color, have a distinctive edge, have tactile and visual features that make the denomination of the coin readily discernible, ....." Mike Wallace ... circa March 2001
       I feel like this edge test piece is an important part of the history leading up to the striking of the Sacagawea Dollar. It was written into the law that there be "a distinctive edge". Others made suggestions on what type of edge to put on the coin, but to my knowledge, the Gallery Mint is the only one to create prototypes. It is my hope that these pieces will take their place right along side all of the other small size dollar patterns and prototypes. Mike Wallace ... Thu, 8 Mar 2001 16:04:42
       Be certain to spend the time to explore all the pages you have an interest in from Mike's website. I found the Link:United States Small Size Dollar Coins and Related Items to be absolutely enthralling. Mike has such a diverse selection of related material that I was simply delighted. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen


1796 Eagle ($10) Reverse Die
Half Of A Simultaneously Struck Pair Of Planchets

  • An EXPENSIVE Pi鑓e De Caprice!
       Now then... is this An Eagle, A Half Eagle (sic), or Half Of An Eagle? I'll let you decide. Whatever you call it, it is really nicely struck up which is what one would expect with all the extra metal provided by having two planchets between the dies when it was struck.
       Just for your edification... so you can see that this piece is NOT a Half Eagle ($5) die ...shown here are examples of both a 1795 (left) and a 1796 (right) Half Eagle reverse die. I have never had enough specimens to document if there were multiple dies used on the gold issues. Clearly the 1795 and 1796 reverse dies shown here are distinct from each other. The scale between these two scans and the scan above is approximately correct as that between the actual dies.
       This interesting piece is being offered on eBay as I write this. It has been incorrectly identified as a 1795 Eagle but they are close. The Seller informs me that the owner of this specimen is out of the country for a couple months. I would venture to suggest that only folks who could afford to "be out of the country for a couple months" would have been likely to order such an expensive creation. The usual "double regular price" charge for custom strikes would have put the pair of pieces somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars. On interesting creations in the early days, sometimes the guys would strike the pieces at the regular issue price. Even so, NOT a cheap creation for certain. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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1995 Britt, Iowa Hobo Token
Struck over a Buffalo Nickel
with 85° clockwise die rotation

  • National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa
       To start with I want to mention that Ron Landis' version of "The Britt hobo" is, in my opinion, a much better representation of a man than the original graphic that is the official Britt hobo logo. Ron has a much better eye for the proper proportions necessary to make all the "body parts" fit together.
       The Britt Hobo: The Britt hobo logo was first used in the 1900 convention announcements and advertising. No... that isn't a beer in his hand. Beer didn't come in cans in 1900. For a full description of this logo check out: Link:Hobo Logo on Britt's Chamber of Commerce webpage. Ron not only included the draw pin and link coupler at the upper left of his engraving but he added the Hobo symbol for "Safe Camp" at the lower right. Ron is good at these little extra touches... it is what makes his work and creations so wonderful! Here is a list of Link:Hobo Symbols for your edification and enjoyment.
       The Hobo Token: Ron tells me that this was an extremely limited issue and that more than half of this issue was struck on nickel planchets made especially for these pieces. Like the Peace Token I have shown you previously... the planchet had an extension at one point that, when a hole was drilled in that tab, formed a loop so a ring could be added to the piece for jewelry purposes... to use them as a necklace or perhaps a key chain. That fact, plus the additional circumstance of the pieces being given to folks outside the collector community like Ron's Royal Mint pieces were, will make finding this as a token very difficult indeed. The overstruck Buffalo Nickel may well be one of a kind.
       I also learned from Ron that the orientation of the Britt Hobo on the reverse and the Hobo on the obverse should be precisely 90° apart. My overstruck Buffalo Nickel has coin die alignment (almost) and my overstruck Jefferson Nickel has medal/book die alignment. As such, NEITHER is anyplace close to being correct for a genuine hobo token... something an experienced Hobo Nickel collector would spot clear across the room. My 2001 silver "Hiking Hobo" GMM token is struck with the correct "90° apart" die alignment but my 2001 silver "Hiking Hobo" OHNS token is incorrectly struck with coin die alignment.
       The National Convention: There is an neat article on the 100th Annual convention at: Link:National Hobo Convention (100th Annual) - August 7-15, 2000. Additionally, there is LOTS of cool information at: Link:Your Hobo Guide to Britt, Iowa.
       An Unusual Experience ...or... "Be Out Of Town By Sundown!": Ron tells me his most vivid memory of the 1995 convention was being dragged off the stage by the local Sheriff... literally grabbed by the arm and hauled away in front of the onlooking crowd. It turns out that Ron had been mistaken for some individual that the Sheriff had previously run out of town and told to never return. After the mix-up was straightened out and the Sheriff publicly apologized in front of the crowd, the activities continued. However, Ron said he left town a bit earlier than originally planned. Probably a wise choice. One never knows what might have happened next... the Sheriff might have changed his mind. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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    1995 Britt, Iowa Hobo Token
    Struck over a Jefferson Nickel
    with 90° counter clockwise die rotation


This is the CD-ROM version of the GMM ScrapBook
Pages 1 through 23       28 February 2001
External links will work if you have an ACTIVE internet connection!

  • GMM ScrapBook Now Available on CD-ROM
       Well, it took a couple days but I have an "autostart menu" CD-ROM created that has the first 23 pages of the ScrapBook on it and ALL the graphics files that those pages use. What is really wonderful is the speed that everything loads from the CD-ROM... no waiting for files to come down across the Internet!
       I will send you a CD-ROM for $20 postpaid with future upgrades available after your initial acquisition for a nominal $10 postpaid. Now you can be sure that all this great GMM data doesn't disappear some day when you turn on your computer.
       If the CD-ROM drive on your system has been assigned a drive letter other than D:, E: or F: you need to tell me so I can customize your copy of the CD-ROM before I ship it out to you. Personal checks are fine or I'll take PayPal if you aren't using a Credit Card to pay the PayPal folks. This isn't a profit motivated enterprise but I do need enough funds to purchase disks, cardstock, printer cartridges, shipping materials, postage and other supplies.
       Order from: Verne R. Walrafen, 12000 Sunset Ridge Drive, Ozawkie, KS 66070 and NOT from the guys in Arkansas. You will get the very latest CD-ROM. This is no longer the 28 February 2001 example shown here! EMail and PayPal are the fastest way to get your disk but SnailMail and Personal Checks work just fine also. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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Die Alignment Piece For 1992 "King's Coin Hammer" Medal
Originally A Clad U.S. Quarter Dollar

  • "In God We Trust" On Santa Maria's Bow
       Well Lindy, I know you said that there were really four groups of GMM oddball stuff: their "die trials", their real errors that they call "naturals", their "Adam Hardcastles", and their "special orders". That left me several pieces in my collection that I had to attribute to pi鑓es de caprice, "special orders", but they were normally much more crude than one expects from such pieces.
       I now know that we have a fifth group to consider... "die alignment" (or perhaps adjustment would be appropriate) specimens. Ron and Joe told me that it is their habit to throw something, anything at hand actually, on the reverse die so that the dies don't have the opportunity to clash each other. Lindy told me that when Adam and he struck the 14 star 1796 proof dollars, the Medalic Arts press would want to rotate until the dies kissed. Adam used a block of wood to prevent that die kiss.
       On my first visit to GMM Joe gave me a partially struck pewter blank from the Eureka Springs medal dies that he was using in his repair of a press. That press was not striking the planchet precisely "square". Where would we all be without Joe to keep the equipment working? Without any of Ron's wonderful creations is where! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

The King's Coin Hammer SBsubjects
Link:Pay Attention To The Edges Of Ron's Medals
Link:"In God We Trust" On Santa Maria's Bow
Link:The Two Decades Before Gallery Mint Museum
Link:Found Among eBay's Coins:Exonumia:Medals
Link:Is The King's Coin Hammer Still Operational?
Link:The King's Coin Hammer Copper Medals
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Enlargement scans are now available on both WWW and the CD-ROM version of the GMM ScrapBook

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