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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot. 
Ron Landis ...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06

ScrapBook Subjects
Link: A Museum Quality Piece Of Olympian Proportions
Link: Peace Through Coinage
Link: A Peek Over The MintMaster's TrashCan Rim
Link: Massachusetts Tree Coinage (1653-1682)
Link: The End Of A Die's Life
Link: Two Stars For Auction 2001
Link: Time For More New Jersey Cents Ron!
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
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Olympia/AncientCoiner Medal

  • A Museum Quality Piece Of Olympian Proportions

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       Now that I have shown y'all "the one that got away", the Brasher Doubloon Obverse Die Brass Trial Strike on the thin plain edged planchet, I am in a rush to show you the one that DIDN'T get away!
       Laying there in the MintMaster's trashcan was a specimen I could hardly believe. I fully expected Ron to grab it for his AuctionBox or for his DisplayCase... he has done that before on pieces I scrounged up out of his accumulation of COOL stuff. I certainly wouldn't have blamed him in the slightest.
       The scan above speaks for itself...a hot struck copper specimen of a medal only released in hot struck silver! By now you all know my affliction for off-metal strikes of any of Ron's wonderful creations. (I used the word affliction advisedly and not predilection which is the first word that popped into my head because affliction describes my situation more accurately.)
       Even more outstanding is that this is NOT a special order item but one created during the normal production evidenced by the fact they thought so little of it that it was in the trashcan. It wasn't the product they were working to attain.
       Ron always focuses on the final end product. It MUST be precisely as he envisions it. Thus, anything other than that is just junk. All I can say is to quote the old adage that one man's junk is another man's treasure. :-) EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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1994 Peace Token With Error Die Alignment

  • Peace Through Coinage
       Here is what I remember about the Peace Tokens: As you know they were made to be given out to people to interest them in the coinage movement. These were not meant to be coin designs, just a token of peace.
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    1994 Peace Token
       The first version of the Peace Token was made by Ron Landis around June 1994 and were struck in brass. They were made rather quickly and the die work is sort of unfinished. Some were made round, and others were made with a loop and ring. The majority were round. Ron sent me 50 of those, and 25 of the ones with a ring. He told me that he had given out many to his friends. I would guess he must have sent me about half of what he made.
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    1995 Peace Token
       The second version of the Peace Token was made by Ron Landis in 1995. They were made of copper and the dies were finished better. I think they were the same dies, but changed a bit. I think only round pieces were made in this style. I can only guess that about 100 were made. Ken Bressett ...Fri, 12 Jan 2001 16:53:23

   The Peace 2000 elongated coins were rolled by Raymond Dillard, Box 161, Fenton, MI 48430. He made several hundred of them for me, and rolled them on all kinds of world coins. Most of them are on Jefferson nickels or Canadian nickels. Others are on aluminum coins of Hungary that have a dove of peace on them. I gave these out all over the world. Ken Bressett ...Fri, 12 Jan 2001 16:29:33
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Peace Token Obverse Die Trial Piece
   Timothy scrounged up a couple copper trial strikes of the Original Hobo Nickel Society hobo tokens for me and Ron sold them to me as such. After I finished this ScrapBook subject I was scratching around looking for material for my next subject. I turned over a copper hobo token when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Peace 2000 obverse die! So I share it here with you. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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1994 Peace Token Trial Strike On Jefferson Nickel
   I can't believe my eyes...I keep finding more and MORE cool Peace 2000 pieces as I scratch through my Eureka Springs purchases. If any of you have additional pieces I would really appreciate hearing from you. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen


  • A Peek Over The MintMaster's TrashCan Rim
       Here are four unique and different gold die strike pieces I found in the MintMaster's trashcan. You wouldn't believe the unabashed begging and groveling that went on while I tried to convince Ron Landis to let me purchase them. Well... it didn't work but he did let me scan them and show them to all y'all. When the guys at GMM say they are going to cancel something, by golly it not only gets canceled but they don't let the canceled piece out of the mint!

    The Jewel Of The Group
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    Brasher Doubloon Obverse Die Brass Trial Strike
    Thin Plain Edged Planchet
       Since Ron wouldn't sell me this piece I have requested that he please place it in his display case at the mint so it is at least preserved for future generations. This wonderful trial strike was cancelled by Ron with an eight number punch...presumably the eight of the 1787 date. Ron said it appeared to be that punch but we did not take the time to verify that assumption.

    A Copper Doubloon Can Be BETTER Than Gold
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    Brasher Doubloon Copper Trial Strike
    Heavy "ONE HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR" Edged Planchet
       You would have to hold this piece in your hand to "feel" the weight of it and understand how wonderful it really is ...was... :-( It is not long for this world ... SOB!!!

    Yes... I Did Ask For A Half Doubloon
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    Brasher Doubloon Copper Trial Strike
    Heavy "OR A DOLLAR" Edged Planchet
       I like to pick on Timothy... I suggested that he was asked for a Half Doubloon trial strike and this is what he came up with. He seems to take my ribbing with good humor. After the brass trial strike this is my favorite piece...not sure exactly why but it is definitely COOL!

    Still A Beautiful Piece Even With The Cuts
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    1796 $10 Eagle Copper Trial Strike
    Plain Edged Planchet
       And finally... you would think that the three heavy cuts should make this piece into just another chunk of scrap metal. Somehow that just doesn't happen. Well, enough crying and sobbing...all of these pieces were headed for the melting pot the last time I saw them. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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1652 GMM Pine Tree Threepence

  • Massachusetts Tree Coinage (1653-1682)
       An extract from my copy of "A Guide Book Of United States Coins", p.17 51st Edition 1998 by R.S.Yeoman would be most useful here.
       The Willow Tree coins were struck from 1653 to 1660, the Oak Trees 1660 to 1667, and the Pine Trees 1667 to 1682. All of them (with the exception of the Oak Tree twopence) bore the date 1652...
       Next I provide you with the following correspondence from Ken Bressett who owns the two GMM specimens shown above and who so kindly provided their scans for your enjoyment and education.
       I do know something about the Massachusetts silver "tree" pieces you mentioned. Ron gave me two of them for comments. He was striking them rather than rolling them, and decided to abandon the project. Also, they were just too good!! I was afraid of them fooling someone even with the COPY marking.
       I think he only made these or perhaps a couple of more and that was all. One of the pieces he gave me has a bright finish. The other is darkened (by him) I think the metal was different too. Much finer silver on the bright one. Ken Bressett ...Fri, 12 Jan 2001 17:07:43
    Click for Both Sides, Obverse or Reverse enlargement

    1652 GMM Pine Tree Threepence
    Die Trial On 26.5mm Silver Planchet
       Shown here is the only other known strike from Ron's Pine Tree threepence dies. It is an unusual and fortunate circumstance to be able to document every known strike from these dies in one ScrapBook subject. Thanks Ken! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
    Click for Both Sides enlargement

    1652 GMM Pine Tree Threepence
    Just The Central 16mm Portion Of The
    Die Trial On 26.5mm Silver Planchet

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1796 Massive Obverse CUD Draped Bust Dollar
With Double Clash Dies

  • The End Of A Die's Life
       This third stage dollar has virtually everything. Massive obverse die cud, multiple die breaks, and strong clash dies. This massive cud takes up forty-five percent of the obverse periphery. The cud and several additional die breaks were caused when the obverse and reverse dies were clashed. The reverse die also suffered greatly by gaining additional die breaks. A total of eight (8) clash die cud dollars were produced including three double struck errors on October 1, 1997. On October 4, 1997, the dies were clashed again.
    Click for
    Larger Area
    Five (5) double clashed cud dollars as shown here were struck. Both dies were discarded October 23, 1997. Michael L. Czapla, III ...circa 1997
       If y'all will look closely with-in the clash star from the field of the reverse die (on the obverse die it is the first star, at about 7:00 o'clock, by the hair curl to the left of the date) you can see the second clashed star impression. The photograph shows a depressed star image with-in another depressed star can look like a raised area if your eyes betray you like mine often do.
       The chance to own one of only five such specimens in existence is a definite high point in my collecting life. Thank you Vince for passing this lovely dollar on for me to safeguard for the next collector. These wonderful pieces are just on loan to those of us lucky enough to hold them for a short time. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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1796 14 Star Draped Bust Dollar

  • Two Stars For Auction 2001
       Ron tells me that they will have an auction in year 2001 if Mike Ellis can get it worked up for them. Since they haven't given it a flashy name yet I am just going to call it "Auction 2001" and hope it comes off in the next twelve months.
       The 14 Star Dollar shown above is Proof #500 and has the regular lettered edge; "One Dollar Or One Hundred Cents." I would love to purchase this auction lot but not nearly as much as the dollar piece I am showing you below.
       The Copper strike of the First Trial Dollar below is Uncirculated, has a plain edge and is 4mm thick. A beautiful HEAVY piece which I will be standing in line for. Since I don't have the money to buy everything I see I plan on saving my pennies and investing them in this wonderful specimen. I have a great weakness for off-metal strikes... particularly copper strikes of silver coins. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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1796 Copper Trial Strike Draped Bust Dollar
First Trial Die With Large Stars

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1788 Maris51g On 1921 Morgan Dollar

  • Time For More New Jersey Cents Ron!
       My favorite Landis pieces are his large hot struck medals. After that I love his New Jersey Cent reproductions. There are two special New Jersey medals created for clubs and three regular New Jersey Cent creations that were offered to GMM customers.
       I have collected both club medals, silver strikes of all three regular issues, several custom made errors created for other customers, and a few wonderful overstrikes on United States host coins. I think I have run out of anything GMM New Jersey Cent related to add to my collection. Come on Ron... make us several new Maris varieties ...PLEASE! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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1788 Maris51g On 1959-D Franklin Half Dollar
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Enlargement scans are now available on both WWW and the CD-ROM version of the GMM ScrapBook

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