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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot. 
Ron Landis...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06

ScrapBook Subjects
Link: "Smith's Leather" Medal Evolution
Link: 1793 Chain Cent...Sure Is NEAT!
Link: 1793 Cent Silver Overstrikes
Link: What Does Our Engraver Bid For On eBay?
Link: Practically Unique ANS Presentation Piece
Link: Landis Bench Trial/Practice Piece
Link: Wonder What's In This Bag?
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
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Initial Bust Trial Strike
Enhanced Bust Trial Strike

  • "Smith's Leather" Medal Evolution
       When a person only has a few hours to pick through a lot of material and make purchase decisions there is minimal time to get a clear idea of the result of those decisions. You know..."Decide in haste, repent at leasure!" Well, I beat the odds on this series of medals.
       All I knew, when I was scratching through Ron's RenFest box, was that I kept encountering this medal with a similar bust. I stacked them up and when it came time to pick my purchases I swept the pile of four pieces into my "buy stack." I did wonder what I was going to do with four of them but figured I could foist some of them off on my corresponding friends as gifts.
       Imagine my suprise when it came time to house the pieces...all four medals were different. In fact, one of the group was so different that I initially thought it was a different person all together. I finally realized I was looking at a series of die trials/proofs that were produced as Ron was creating the die.
       Based on his dated RenFest medals I place this medal as circa 1987 or a bit later. Each of the trial strikes has a different reverse die pulled at random from Ron's previously created medal dies. I was fortunate that there was an example of the final medal in the group. It has slight improvements to the bust and even has "RL" added on the neck truncation ...that doesn't show up in my scan... too fine a detail. I think it is COOL to have the series showing the evolution of the obverse die! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
Added Legend Trial Strike
Final Medal Obverse and Reverse Strike

Genuine 1793 Chain Cent

  • 1793 Chain Cent...Sure Is NEAT!
       I found this neat chain cent on Roxanne Goldberg's personal website and at first glance I thought I was looking at an early Gallery Mint Museum Chain Cent. Immediately I was struck by the fact that it was the "with periods/full AMERICA" variety. Then I wondered about the color...sort of a bronze. Finally I realized there was no COPY stamp on the piece. WOW! I'd love to have this in my GMM/Landis collection. THEN a thought struck me...maybe this is a genuine chain cent...surely not...much too beautiful. Roxanne wrote me back that this was indeed a genuine piece. I hope to learn more specifics on this wonderful piece and, if I do so, I'll post them here for all of you. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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Walking Liberty Half Dollar

  • 1793 Cent Silver Overstrikes
       Ken Potter has also placed two neat silver overstruck Half Dollars on eBay. Here is what Ken says about these two great specimens. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
       Gallery Mint 1793 Cent "OverStrike" Struck on a...
    1) Flipped Over Walking Liberty Half Dollar
    2) 1953 Franklin Half Dollar
       These Gallery Mint Reproductions of the 1793 Cent are Overstruck on United States Half Dollars. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar is really interesting as the dies used to strike this coin, struck the 1953 Franklin Half Dollar one strike earlier. Residual contaminants on the Franklin half that were transferred to the die were then struck into this coin resulting in a ghostly image of "1953" showing within the feathers of the "understike" Eagle. Make no mistake - these are not error coins, but fascinating pi鑓es de caprice created at the whim of the Gallery Mint several years ago for a collector that sold me his collection. The word "COPY" appears neatly within the upper wreath. These are really neat items for the collector of errors on coins where such an error does not really exist. EMail:Ken Potter...Sun, 12 Nov 2000 16:42:45
1953 Franklin Half Dollar
  • Additional 1793 Cent Silver Overstrikes
    Barber Half George V Half George VII Half
       Gallery Mint 1793 Cent "OverStrike" Struck on a...
    1) Flipped Over 1907 Barber Half Dollar
    2) Flipped Over Canada George V Half Dollar
    3) Canada Edward VII Half Dollar
    EMail:Ken Potter...Wed, 22 Nov 2000 19:23:43


Carved Hobo Tokens Recently Offered On eBay
  • What Does Our Engraver Bid For On eBay?
       In today's "Information Age" much of what we do in our private lives becomes public information. My appologies to Ron Landis but I got curious about what he found worthwhile bidding for on eBay considering the fact that he creates such beautiful works-of-art in his own facility. I should have known...other engraver's buffalo nickel creations and some really NEAT ones I might add. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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1999 Arkansas Numismatic Society Coin Show

  • Practically Unique ANS Presentation Piece
       One of my favorite oxymorons. Any qualifier on "unique"! Almost unique...virtually unique...practically get the idea. Either something is unique or it isn't...plain and simple! Usually the writer is trying to sell something and thinks the word "unique" will raise the sale price. It just raises my eyebrows.
       Anyway there were only two of these presentation pieces made. Clearly the token was struck into the 1804 proof Dollar host specimen while it was still in the collar because the dollar's edge lettering has been almost obliterated. This is not a pi鑓e de caprice special ordered by a collector. It was created at Ron Landis' order as a presentation for the ANS 51st Annual Coin Show. Much to my delight...they never got presented and ended up back at the Gallery Mint Museum in their stock. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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  • Landis Bench Trial/Practice Piece
       An interesting practice specimen created using one of GMM's Large Cent planchets with die clip and lettered edge. Nothing earth-shattering but a neat bench piece from the hands of the Master HIMSELF to add to my growing GMM/Landis collection. Such items are normally discarded and seldom preserved for future students/collectors. I LOVE IT! Note the 1996 date stamped into the upper reverse. Of course, reverse and obverse are REALLY arbitrary here so I picked the plainer side as the reverse. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen


  • Wonder What's In This Bag?
       Yesterday I made a quick one day trip to Eureka Springs to pick through Ron's RenFest material (Royal Mint stuff) that he created in the years before the Gallery Mint Museum was established.
       I was dumping out small plastic bags, that were so old you couldn't see through the plastic anymore, expecting another dozen RenFest brass medals. Out tumbled 12 1995 Concept dollars...took them to Ron and asked what they were. He was astounded! They were his first trial pieces created in the processing of making the 1995 Concept Dollars. Various dies, various alloys, various strikes with/without collars, various edge treatments (the edge lettering kept getting smashed by the collar so they tried things like making the edge slightly concave so it "straightened out" when it pooched out from being struck.)
       There were three different obverse dies represented! Only one each of the pieces shown here. The others were all alloy and edge experiments for the final dies used in the issue. I felt like grabbing my coat and bolting for the car when I opened the bag but obviously that was not an option.
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    "IN GOD WE TRUST" Pattern
       This die has "LIBERTY" on her headband and "IN GOD WE TRUST" as the legend where "LIBERTY" is on the final issue pieces. Ron said that less than 10 were struck and did not elaborate...BUT...when it came time to price the pieces he charged me almost double the price of the second pattern. I suspect because it is distinctly different from the final issue pieces. Notice how much more hair Lady Liberty has on this piece. This brass planchet has a "moon and stars" edge design which is a left-over Royal Mint medal planchet.
    Click for Obverse enlargement   Click for Reverse enlargement
    Large Date With Mintmark Pattern
       This die has a plain barred headband, a larger date and has Ron's neat CoinPress mintmark just below the date. When I asked how many were struck Ron said; "Only a few." I asked; "Less than 10?" He said; "Considerably less than 10...I'm suprised any survived." This bright yellow brass planchet is plain edged and was struck without a collar so is noticeably larger than the final issue pieces.
    Click for Obverse enlargement   Click for Reverse enlargement
    Olive Branch And "PEACE" Pattern
       This die has stars on her barred headband and is the final issue die. Ron has engraved an olive branch in the eagle's beak and engraved PEACE on the mound below the eagle's feet. He said he was conceptualizing for the design of the subsequent prototype dollar issues. This brass planchet has the standard edge lettering of the final issue pieces.
    Does anyone have other examples of any of these pieces
    ...or... any other 1995 concept dollar patterns?

       For those of you who want to read about the various Concept and Prototype dollars that follow these patterns check out Mitch's webpage:

    The New United States Dollar Coin
    Link:New U.S. Dollar

    EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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