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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot.
Ron Landis...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06

ScrapBook Subjects
Link: Always Something New!
Link: GMM Annual Medals Are Virtually IMPOSSIBLE To Find
Link: If Strips Of Chicken Are Called "Chicken Fingers"...
Link: Searching Old GMM Publications
Link: In C.O.D. We Trust
Link: New Jersey Maris8F NJNS 1996 Auction
Link: 1998 ANA Summer Seminar Medal Production Error
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
Two superb GMM seal dies

  • Always Something New!
       Except in this case it appears to be something relatively old, judging from the "1992" date on one of the dies, and just coming to your compiler's attention. Of course, 1992 doesn't have to be the date the seal die was created. These two neat GMM seals appear to be roughly 24mm in diameter and showed up on the coin strips shown in a previous ScrapBook Subject. I have never seen either one before.
    Have these seals been used on previous GMM creations?

       Surely they must have since so much work was put into these two dies. I sure would like to learn about any previous usage so I can share this information with all y'all!
       Since today is my Mama's eighty-second birthday anniversary I reckon I'd best shut this down for today and go spend some time with her and Dad. I had intended to wait until after my visit to the Gallery Mint Museum this weekend to even start adding new ScrapBook Subjects to Page11 but somehow the new stuff just keeps flowing in...I LOVE IT!!! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

1993 Annual GMM Medal
1994 Annual GMM Medal
1995 Annual GMM Medal

  • GMM Annual Medals Are Virtually IMPOSSIBLE To Find
       Considering that there were only 500 of these medals struck each year, that they weren't very popular in their day, that they were each struck using 1.5 Troy Ounces of silver and that once the purchaser actually got the "feel" of the piece they would NEVER consider parting with them... it is quite understandable why these rarely come up on the market. These medals are slightly larger than a silver dollar, roughly 40mm, and considerably thicker. Keep your eyes peeled for these at your local coin shop or at your next convention and heft one for yourself. There are so many different silver medals on the market that the odds are these pieces will be underpriced and the dealer won't realize what it is that they have. Ron Landis is quite simply at the top of his game when working on the broad canvas of large silver medals...the larger the better! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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  • If Strips Of Chicken Are Called "Chicken Fingers"...
       ...THEN... are strips of coins called "Coin Fingers"? Probably not! :-) My chickens have feathers on their gets COLD here in Kansas...but I've never noticed any with fingers. Ah the power of American merchandising! Anyway... we have EMail:Cliff Bolling to thank for telling us all about these interesting GMM creations.
       Even coin strips are not immune to production errors. The two closeups shown here are of the 1804 dollar double struck areas on the dollar strip shown below at the very bottom of this ScrapBook Subject. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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From: Gallery Mint Museum publication circa1995

  • Searching Old GMM Publications
       Having heard, from one of our more experienced GMM collectors, that there was a 1787 NJ Maris62.5 Cent struck at GMM with initials "WM" under the horse's head...I went looking through my GMM publications stack. In the publication that I think is my oldest one from GMM I found the above composite picture on the third page. There I found a picture of the fabled piece. THEN...I looked at my own copy of Maris62.5 and it has the WM on it what's the big deal? I can see that the piece shown in the publication does not have the simulated die-crack. More questions for poor he gets tired of me quickly!
       I also found the 1995 Anaheim ANA Medal shown there. I am not certain if it was a convention medal, an exhibitors medal, or what...but there it is. The search continues unabated!
       In this same publication the 1995 Concept Dollar was available for $6 but both the 1786 NJ Copper Maris8F ($8) and the 1795 Gold HalfEagle ($170) were overstamped SOLD OUT. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
1787 "WM" NJ Cent         1995 Anaheim ANA Medal

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Doe Dough

  • In C.O.D. We Trust
       It looks like GMM planned a weekly issue in 1992 of restruck U.S. cents featuring Eureka Springs landmarks, galleries, artists, attractions, etc. Wonder if this effort got off the ground? I reckon I'll find out this weekend.
       I just got the above "Doe Dough" cent from my corresponding friend, EMail:Doug Chaussee, who found two specimens in their original Gallery Mint packaging. I knew the coin existed but the packaging was a nice surprise. I am including it below so you will know what to look for...since I know you will want one for yourself. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

NJ Numismatic Society 700th Meeting Medal

  • New Jersey Maris8F NJNS 1996 Auction
       First a glimpse into how the NJNS medal was conceived, created and delivered into the hands of eager and appreciative collectors:  7/17/95: Discussion about the upcoming 700th NJNS meeting celebration elicited a suggestion from former NJNS President Harry Rescigno that striking a medal to commemorate the event might be looked into.  9/18/95: Chris Connell is going to investigate the possibility of commissioning Ron Landis of the Gallery Mint to strike the 700th NJNS meeting medal.  10/16/95: Chris Connell, Harry Rescigno, Ray Flanagan and Dennis Wierzba gave an update and will continue looking into the Gallery Mint medal.  11/20/95: The Gallery Mint will strike medals for the Society, with dies to cost the Society $500, plus the individual medal cost. The choice for New Jersey Copper variety will be investigated by the subcommittee.  12/18/95: Chris reported that Gallery Mint will strike a NJ Copper replica, variety to be chosen and authorized by NJNS, for the commemorative medal. A motion to have 100 medals struck was approved, and the Maris8F, date under plowbeam was chosen. The reverse will have NJNS 700th and/or 1933 (year of founding) on the shield reverse.  1/15/96: A trial piece struck by Gallery was passed around, and all agreed on the outstanding quality. Gallery has offered to defray the cost of the obverse die if NJNS allows Gallery to use the die for other medals it chooses to strike. One hundred medal would be struck, and offered to members first at $15.  2/19/96: Medals were available for sale to members, limit two until all were offered.  4/15/96: At the 700th NJNS meeting the remainder of the medals were offered for sale to members, and the seven errors were auctioned off. The highest bid ($100) went for the unique deerhead muled with NJNS reverse, and all were sold. EMail:Steve Middleton...Wed, 4 Oct 2000 16:57:29
       Now for the really interesting details on the specimens that were sold at the New Jersey Numismatic Society, 700th Meeting Auction, April 15, 1996 Maris8F New Jersey Copper Replica Patterns, Errors and Special Mule Coins by Ron Landis of the Gallery Mint Museum.  LOT #1: In pencil on flip insert by Ron Landis "MY 1ST DIE LARGE DATE LARGE "A"". In ink on flip insert by Dennis Wierzba "MAY BE UNIQUE LANDIS WAS NOT SATISFIED". Date thicker and less regular, particularly the "1", than the final issued replicas. The thicker "A"s give a richer appearance. Well centered.  LOT #2: In pencil on flip insert by Ron Landis "THIS ONE IS MORE ACCURATE REPRO. DATE IS HAND CUT". Only Maris experts will be able to note the accuracy of the statement. An outstanding example.  LOT #3: Slightly Off-Center strike. On obverse parts of Nova Caesarea missing. On reverse a small portion of the bottom of the shield and the top of the N in "N*J*" is missing. This is almost certainly a production error.  LOT #4: Shift Double Strike 30%. This appears to be a well struck piece which didn't quite make it out of the press before the next strike. on the obverse the result is that only 30% of the bottom (plow beam and date) remain of the original strike. On the reverse only "*NUMISMATIC*" and the three points of the shield remain of the original strike. An interesting piece for the error collector.  LOT #5: Full Obverse Brockage. Full strike on obverse. Reverse with imprint of obverse caused by second coin in press on second strike. Likely match with LOT #6.  LOT #6: Full Reverse Brockage. Full strike on reverse with die break at the "*" under the 1996 or a defect in planchet. Obverse with imprint of reverse caused by second coin in press on second strike. Likely match with LOT #5.  LOT #7: Deerhead Obverse with NJNS Reverse Mule. This is the Deerhead obverse featured in Coin World. Presumable the only one made.  NOTE: All comments and descriptions are believed to be accurate but you are on your own. I have trouble seeing fine detail without a stereo microscope and the only Maris I know is Roger. Ronald S. Thompson (Quoted directly from the auction sheet used at the meeting by the participants.)
       I want to thank Steve for taking the time to provide all this great information. It is super to have this level of detail for once. Usually I have to make a lot of assumptions and educated guesses. Either that or just pleading ignorance and ask for help. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

Deerhead / NewJerseyCent SBsubjects
Link:New Jersey Maris8F NJNS 1996 Auction
Link:Captured in Wax
Link:Nagy, Maris, NJNS Lot#7 And The Real GMM Deerhead
Link:A GMM Deerhead Tracked To Its Lair
Link:Landis Sample Featured In Coin World
Link:Once Upon A Time In Coin World

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Landis Obverse with Janssen Reverse

  • 1998 ANA Summer Seminar Medal Production Error
       This wonderful error piece is clearly a production error as we can see the planchet lamination that caused the planchet to get hung up and the medal to be struck off-center. This piece is easily recognizable as ex-Ellis, having been offered in his 1999 GMM auction. I do not have a strong interest in collecting error pieces but a few pieces do add some color to my GMM/Landis collection. This is one of those pieces that are scattered to the winds at conventions, seminars, demonstrations, and the like and then become VERY difficult to track down. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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Enlargement scans are now available on both WWW and the CD-ROM version of the GMM ScrapBook

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