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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot.
Ron Landis...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06

ScrapBook Subjects
Link: High Relief 5oz Silver Medal
Link: GMM Creations Timeline In The Works
Link: 1997 F.U.N. Sale Of Landis Carved Nickels
Link: Gallery Mint Starts EMail Updates List
Link: Special Orders Don't Upset Us! ...or...
Link: ANA Convention, Exhibitor And Seminar Medals
Link: 1796 Half Dime Reverse Die Trial Piece
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 

  • High Relief 5oz Silver Medal
       This is a Gallery Mint proof high relief .999 silver medal, a true marvel of the talent of Ron Landis, Joe Rust and the Gallery Mint. This medal is 46mm in diameter, 10mm thick and weighs six (see Ron's comment below - vrw) ounces. The proof field is hairlined on the obverse, otherwise this piece is as struck, highly detailed and intricate. This one numbered 44 of 500, but according to Ron Landis at Eureka Springs, less than 50 were produced. This piece was struck in a four piece collar and the panels illustrate the entire minting process from mining to minting. These medals required much hand work to finish, much like a cast medal. The flash on the edge is natural to the process. Interest is fairly high in this rare piece. EMail:Wake Forest Coins...Wed, 23 Aug 2000 21:33:31
    Click on image for enlargement

       The large silver medal with the cherubs around the edge is actually a FIVE ounce piece. I've always wanted to go back and do another medal going off what we learned on this piece. I like the concept of using the edge as a third side of the medal. The proportions were made figured so that each of the three sides are approximately equal in square inches. Now that we have a large proofing press, we may be able to cold strike a medal of this size. Ron Landis...Sat, 26 Aug 2000 12:12:23


  • Link:GMM Creations Timeline In The Works
    I have always found that if a person creates a "strawman" of a project, then even if the first few drafts are not reasonable at all, eventually one achieves their goal.

    So here we go... Link:GMM Creations Timeline does not contain all the information I already have, but I will continue adding what I know/suspect. When Mr. Landis and others pitch in what they know, we will have a reference par excellence. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen


  • 1997 F.U.N. Sale Of Landis Carved Nickels
       RL#136 An alternate design by James Earl Fraser while designing the Indian Head nickel. Carved on reverse of 1913 type 1. $280 (LowerLeft)
       RL#137 Carved nickel depicting Longacre's pattern for aluminum 5 cent piece. $280
       RL#138 Probably Ron's finest and most intricate nickel carvings to date. The latest of his "Hobo with Steam Engine" series. On 1937D. $700
       RL#139 Unusual two-headed nickel similar to "Janus". $340
       RL#140 "The Jack of Hearts". $140
       Perhaps this would be a good place to provide you with a quote about nickels by Ron Landis that I found on the Internet recently. Nickels are neat. They are the last of the real coins in my opinion. Not clad, or plated, but a substantial coin, solid throughout. As one of the last of a dying breed of nickel carvers, I view the lowly nickel as a canvas for great works of art, particularly the very artistic and truly American coin, the "Indian head" nickel designed by James Earl Fraser. Is this something we need? Is it worth five cents? EMail:Verne R. Walrafen


  • Gallery Mint Starts EMail Updates List
       Now then... when I signed up for the GMM mailing list I was immediately offended by ListBot's asking for all sorts of personal details that they have no business knowing. This particularly concerned me because it looked like Gallery Mint was asking for this level of detail even though I was reasonably certain that such was not the case. When I am asked this sort of information, I normally just refuse to continue with the sign-in process.
       I do not presume to speak for the GMM folks, but I would bet that, while they most likely would like to have your name and mailing address, they have no interest in your gender, age, income level and other similar personal data. I have not tested ListBot's mechanism exhaustively, but I did skip several pieces of the information they requested and my registration appeared have been successful. My advice...skip ANYTHING that you do not want to answer! This is the price one pays for using certain of the free software tools available on the WWW. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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  • Special Orders Don't Upset Us! ...or...
       It seems that I wandered off into Burger King land this week. You know... you order take out and when you get home you don't have what you thought you were getting.
       I thought I was ordering one of the production error pieces that I heard GMM accidentally created when they cut half cent planchets out of cent thickness stock. What I got was a half cent struck on a cent planchet. Not only that but it cost me double retail...and that isn't even the worst part. The piece is so beautiful that I have no intention of returning it!
       Reckon I should be thankful that it wasn't a "Mailorder Bride" that I was trying to acquire. Who knows what I would have ended up with! Additionally, I am trying to figure out if I have violated my self-imposed stricture on not ordering any "Special Order" errors. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

1997 ANA Exhibitor Medal   Click on image for enlargement
  • ANA Convention, Exhibitor And Seminar Medals
       There are some really interesting medals produced by GMM that would need to be documented for the proposed Link:GMM Creations Timeline. Frankly, I'm really concerned that we are fighting a come-from-behind battle to capture all the data needed to accomplish that for posterity.
       In the March 1998 Gallery Mint Report, on the fifth page, in Gallery Mint donates Exhibitor's Medals it says;
       This pewter medal was produced and distributed to exhibitors and exhibit judges at the New York ANA convention. The original medal was carved from a solid block of brass, much the way hobo nickels are carved. These medals are not die struck. A rubber mold was made from the original, and a low temperature pewter alloy was cast in this mold.
    1998 ANA Summer
    Seminar Medal
       The original was carved off and on over a three month period and was put aside to concentrate on the prototype dollar. The medals were distributed recently. The second of the series from GMM, we hope to continue donating these medals each year.
    What we need is someone who follows medals to help us out here! EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
       The Gallery Mint started producing ANA convention exhibit pewter medals in 1996 for the Denver show, 63.5mm and 125 created. They produced 1997 exhibit pewter medals, again 63.5mm and 125 created. The 1998 exhibit pewter medal was just presented at the 2000 convention and only 120 were created! The 1999 exhibit silver medal is 38.1mm and 150 were struck. It features the helmeted head of Minerva facing left and was modeled after the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition $50 gold piece obverse die. All the exhibit medals are quite scarce, due to low mintage and the people tend to keep them! One of the 1997 pewter's sold at auction in 1999 for $155!
       I have not seen any summer seminar medals but the 1999 silver pieces as yet. They are 19mm and 500 were struck. EMail:David Sklow...Sat, 19 Aug 2000 17:16:49

American Numismatic Association
1994 Early Spring Convention New Orleans, LA Mar3-5, 1994
1995 Early Spring Convention Atlanta, GA Mar2-4, 1995
1996 Early Spring Convention Tucson, AZ Mar14-16, 1996
1997 National Money Show Cleveland, OH Mar20-22, 1997
1998 National Money Show Cincinnati, OH Mar19-21, 1998
1999 National Money Show Sacramento, CA Mar12-14, 1999
2000 National Money Show Fort Lauderdale, FL Mar3-5, 2000
2001 National Money Show Salt Lake City, UT Mar8-10, 2001
2002 National Money Show Jacksonville, FL Mar7-9, 2002
2003 National Money Show Charlotte, NC March 2003
2004 National Money Show Portland, OR March 2004

American Numismatic Association
A.K.A. - The "World's Fair Of Money" Show
103th Convention Detroit, MI Jul27-31, 1994
104th Convention Anaheim, CA Aug16-20, 1995
105th Convention Denver, CO Aug14-18, 1996
106th Convention New York, NY Jul30-Aug3, 1997
107th Convention Portland, OR Aug5-9, 1998
108th Convention Chicago, IL Aug11-15, 1999
109th Convention Philadelphia, PA Aug9-13, 2000
110th Convention Atlanta, GA Aug8-12, 2001
111th Convention New York, NY Jul31-Aug4, 2002
112th Convention Baltimore, MD Jul30-Aug3, 2003
113th Convention Denver, CO August 2004
114th Convention Pittsburgh, PA Aug3-7, 2005
115th Convention Milwaukee, WI Aug2-6, 2006

Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs, CO
26th Seminar Jul9-15, 1994   30th Seminar Jul11-17, 1998
27st Seminar Jul8-14, 1995   31st Seminar Jul10-16, 1999
28th Seminar Jul13-19, 1996   32st Seminar Jul1-14, 2000
29th Seminar Jul12-18, 1997   33rd Seminar Jun30-Jul13, 2001

1999 ANA Summer
Seminar Medal

2000 ANA
Convention Medal

1996 ANA Exhibitor Medal
1998 ANA Exhibitor Medal 1999 ANA Exhibitor Medal

Light from ABOVE   Click on image for enlargement

  • 1796 Half Dime Reverse Die Trial Piece
       Here is a wonderful two-tailed piece from GMM. I am amazed and astounded how superb the engraving is on these small dies. Not that big dies are easy, but I'd think these small dies would be exceptionally difficult and that they act as a showpiece for the engraver's skill. Speaking of skill...just look at the gold piece dies if you appreciate minute detail.
       The fine folks at GMM are really getting good at this stuff. To the naked eyeball, the two dies used on this piece are clearly different but not in any way that can be easily described.
       From now on I'll just pick whichever lighting angle shows the specimen to the best advantage, but I have this one scanned both ways, and it is a very small piece that will take full advantage of being shown under different lighting and magnified to boot. I see Cliff apparently manages to get his light source to be directly on his specimens...perhaps he is using a digital camera rather than pretending his scanner is a camera like I am doing. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
Light from BELOW   Click on image for enlargement
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Enlargement scans are now available on both WWW and the CD-ROM version of the GMM ScrapBook

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