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I absolutely LOVE your idea of creating this scrapbook.
This is a great way of answering questions that come up a lot.
Ron Landis...Sun, 30 Jul 2000 11:59:06

ScrapBook Subjects
Link: Wonderful Pre-GMM Landis Specimens
Link: Concept Dollars Proving To Be Popular On eBay
Link: Don't Worry...The Janitor Will Get it
Link: 1787 New Jersey Maris62.5 Copper Found In Circulation!
Link: Pewter Enough To Go Around
Link: US Coins NOT Safe Near Mobile Mini-Mint!
Link: 1998 ANA Convention's Pewter Medalet Daze
Enlargement scans available on WWW and ScrapBook CD-ROM. 
  • Wonderful Pre-GMM Landis Specimens
       I was told that these pieces were created by Ron Landis during his "RenFest" days. When Ron returns from the ANA Convention at Philadelphia perhaps he will give us some fabulous history on these pieces. Has anyone else seen these before or perhaps similar specimens? By the way, the two copper pieces are struck on very thin planchets. Even more interesting is that they were struck together with the same strike...the marks on the blank sides fit precisely "into" each other.
       Here is a quote about Ron's "RenFest" days, directly from GMM's website referenced in the header information above: "...after more than a decade of demonstrating early coin making techniques at art shows and renaissance festivals..." He certainly had enough time to create a plethora of wonderful pieces during that period. So, there ought to be lots more different collectible pieces just waiting for us out there. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

  • Concept Dollars Proving To Be Popular On eBay
       Today a set of one 1995 Concept Dollar Piedfort and both 2000 Concept Dollar Piedforts sold on eBay for a tidy $550 postpaid. Examples of all three of these coins are illustrated in previous ScrapBook Subjects on this website.
       If the Seller and/or the Buyer wants to be identified in connection with these three fine pieces please contact me and I'll comply...otherwise they will remain anonymous in respect for their privacy. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

  • Don't Worry...The Janitor Will Get it
       This 31mm diameter, 3mm thick, heavy brass planchet has an intricate engrailed edge. It exhibits the signs of relatively heavy use as if it has been knocking around someplace for a long time. I was told it was found on the Gallery Mint Museum floor during an intensive clean-up effort by the staff. Can someone tell us for what purpose this planchet was created? I reckon we can't call it a GMM creation but it is GMM related and interesting to me personally. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

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  • 1787 New Jersey Maris62.5 Copper Found In Circulation!
       All right, all right! So I'm stretching it a bit. Bet you won't find many GMM strikes of any kind in genuine circulated condition though and the COPY stamp is awfully light. This piece was a pocket piece for a former employee at the Gallery Mint and was not artificially circulated. My scanner doesn't show the nice red luster in areas of the field that you all know a really super Extremely Fine copper piece can exhibit if you are extremely fortunate.
       One fine fellow, who clearly didn't care about the super provenance of this specimen, wanted to pay me a minimal figure for it due to, as he said; "...its less than perfect condition." Perfection, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder I reckon. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

  • Pewter Enough To Go Around
       Pewter was one of my favorite materials to work with when I took a beginning metals/jewelry class at Kansas State University more years ago than I care to admit. It is malleable, soft for all you normal folks, and best of all CHEAP! This was of primary importance when I was a student. So... not surprisingly it is a SUPER material for Convention Medals and other things such as trial strikes of new dies. The folks at GMM set up their mobile mini-mint regularly at numismatic conventions and mint up a storm.
       Here is a brief description of their 1996 ANA Summer Conference experience:
       We brought the mobile mini-mint with us so engravers could strike small "medalets" from the dies they engraved. Everyone had fun, and no fingers were smashed. We went on for several hours making pewter tokens on the mini-mint. After all the planchets were struck, they had Joe striking bottle caps, scrap pewter webbing, and anything else he could cram between two dies.
       Here is a brief description of their 1996 ANA Convention experience:
       We brought along the mobile mini-mint and demonstrated coining by producing a struck pewter medalet available only at the convention. Total mintage of these is estimated to be around 1,200, with almost half of these being errors that were created on request.
       This refers to the first A.N.A. piece shown below. Each medalet shown is roughly 20mm in diameter. The first A.N.A. piece was struck in Denver August 14-17, 1996. The F.U.N. piece was struck in Orlando January 9-12, 1997. The G.H.C.C. piece was struck in Houston February 14-16, 1997. The Money Tree A.N.A. piece was struck in Cleveland March 20-22, 1997. The double struck piece shown at right was struck at the Arkansas Numismatic Society's 51st Annual Coin Show (1999 I assume since the 52nd is scheduled for the Fall of 2000.)
       I know of a Recollecting The Fifties pewter medalet featuring a juke box on the obverse and struck April 26-28, 1996 at the 3rd annual Collectors' Jubilee at Expo Square - Tulsa State Fairgounds. I also know of a A.N.A. Summer Seminar pewter medalet similar to the first A.N.A. piece shown below, except it has Colo. Spgs. in place of Denver below the mountain, and struck July 13-19, 1996 at the summer seminar.
       Does anyone know how I might expand on my GMM Pewter Medalet collection? I would prefer "error" specimens but would consider regular dull old normal strikes! ;-) EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

  • US Coins NOT Safe Near Mobile Mini-Mint!
       As already mentioned in the ScrapBook Subject following this (this newest entry on top entry system can be a bit confusing at times), my corresponding friend EMail:Cliff Bolling sent me graphics files for eight different medalet strikes. The remaining four are as follows; 5) On 1998 Silver Proof US Dime (shown below), 6) On 1998 Silver Proof US Quarter (shown below), 7) On 1998 Silver Proof US Half (shown below) and 8) On 1793 Liberty Cap Cent GMM Strike (shown below).
       Obviously one must learn to keep their hands in their pockets when near the GMM table at a coin convention or that prized proof specimen that you have been chasing for years will suddenly get sucked under the GMM dies by the vacuum created by the flow of pieces through that small orifice. Even worse...not even their own beautiful creations are safe from this hazard. Wonder if being stamped by the GMM dies would cancel my VISA card?
       I didn't attempt to keep the medalet impression the same size here as the coin got larger and larger. Hope this works for all y'all. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen

  • 1998 ANA Convention's Pewter Medalet Daze
       My corresponding friend EMail:Cliff Bolling sent me graphics files for eight different medalet strikes. Four of them are as follows; 1) Mated Pair (shown above), 2) Normal Token (shown at top right), 3) Double Struck (shown at bottom right) and 4) On Pewter Scrap (shown below).
       I have spent about three hours now pounding on the graphics files and hope you find the four specimens I am showing here of some interest. This certainly gives you a glimpse into the "feeding frenzy" that obviously occurs around the GMM table at these conventions. Thanks for sharing with us Cliff. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
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Enlargement scans are now available on both WWW and the CD-ROM version of the GMM ScrapBook

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